About the Intern Program

Our Intern Program is your chance to join Microsoft in a full-time position, with a real job and challenging tasks from day one. This isn’t your average tea-making, hand-holding internship.​

We’ll put you on real projects from the start, developing your natural talents and providing you with insights that will change the way you look at everything, from smartphones to search engines and beyond.​

Microsoft provides two internship opportunities for different students: Commericial Intern and Engineering Intern.


What roles are you recruiting for?​​
We are hiring interns across all of our business areas.​​
How long are internships for?​
Our Commercial Intern Program runs for 12 months and our Engineering Intern Program runs for 12 weeks. ​
When do applications open/close?​​
Applications for our Commercial Intern Program and Engineering Intern Program open in August 2019 and close June 2020.
Who is eligible to apply?​
Our Commercial Intern Program is open to Undergraduate and Masters students in their penultimate year. Our Engineering Intern Program is open to students returning to full-time education for at least one semester. ​
When will I hear back from Microsoft?​​
Due to the large volume of applications, it may take a few weeks to get an update on your application – but don’t worry, you will hear from us as soon as possible.​