My name is Pierina and I am a MACH in the Irish Sales subsidiary working on the Public Sector team. I was previously an Intern here at Microsoft on the Partner sales team which challenged me to step right out of my comfort zone and take on a real job! The exposure and networking I gained from that year were the stepping stones for me to realise that I want to work in a fast-paced, customer/partner-facing environment.

One of my favourite aspects about working at Microsoft is the culture. Microsoft underwent a huge culture change after the change to their new CEO, Satya Nadella and it is really vibrant and great to see. We are now a more diverse and inclusive workforce than ever before and it’s exciting to be part of this change first-hand. For me, I really appreciate the responsibility and trust given to us considering our age/experience and the accessibility and openness of leaders in the company.

When you are an intern or a MACH, you are treated as any other full time employee, except you have some cool extra benefits with it! For example, you get the chance to meet with Microsoft leaders from all over the world and ask them questions and listen to their stories. You get the chance to work on side projects that interest you, and even try out different areas of the business that you think you might enjoy. As a MACH, we get world-class training both online and international and are part of a world-wide MACH community who we can connect with.

It’s undoubtedly an exciting time to be working at such an innovative and ever-evolving company and with the big move to the new building, things will get even more interesting! Having your own desk will be no more, a lot more coffee and food will be on display and a bigger, more innovative space for collaboration will help everyone work together easier than ever before!