Accelerate innovation and growth

Provide an AI-enabled platform for the rapid development, deployment and monetisation of cross-industry edge, IoT and other services.

An open, intelligent platform to unlock new revenue streams

Enable new industry solutions

Create an open, intelligent platform for over-the-top partnerships that unlock new revenue streams. Develop innovative edge services that enable new solutions for retail, healthcare, manufacturing, gaming, mixed reality, and more.

Accelerate time-to-market

Provide a platform to rapidly develop, deploy and monetise cross-industry edge, IoT and other services. Accelerate time-to-market by speeding new service design fuelled by automated processes and data-driven insights.

See how telecommunications companies are accelerating innovation and growth

Discovering new revenue streams in mobile phone roaming data

NOS SPGS is monetising millions of previously untapped mobile phone tower pings.

Driving customer value and transforming the business through IoT

Telia is stemming the tide of declining margins by allowing customers and partners to focus more on their core business, while reducing time to market.

Connected Things Hub simplifies customers’ IoT deployments

Deutsche Telekom enables customers to develop and deploy IoT efforts swiftly and at scale.

Telco solutions to help you innovate and grow

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