Microsoft Student Store Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Dated August 2012

Microsoft offers certain discounts on software, hardware and other items to Eligible Students (as defined below) in connection with its Student Store (the “Program”). The Program, which specifically includes any offers made in connection with the Program, is offered to Eligible Students subject to the following terms and conditions (the "Terms"). By participating in the Program and taking advantage of Program offers, you represent that you are an Eligible Student and acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms. To the extent not varied by these Terms, all other Microsoft Store purchase terms, including without limitation return policies, Terms of Sale and Terms of Use, will apply to purchases made through the Program.

Program Description

Eligible Students may take advantage of Program offers and purchase products from the Microsoft Student Store website at Homepage (the "Offer Site") or any successor URL.

Program and Offer Duration

The Program shall continue until terminated by Microsoft. Microsoft reserves the right to terminate, cancel or otherwise change the Program and these Terms at any time and for any reason. Microsoft also reserves the right to terminate, cancel or otherwise change any specific offer made through or in connection with the Program at any time and for any reason.

Program Eligibility Requirements

This Program is available only to individuals who meet the criteria described below:

  1. An "Eligible Student" means an individual who is a student, faculty or staff member at an eligible accredited educational institution and must be actively enrolled in at least 0.5 course credit hours at that educational institution and must be able to provide proof of enrolment to Microsoft or its appointed vendor upon request;
  2. The Eligible Student must successfully verify their eligibility status through the Offer Site's online student status verification process; and
  3. The Eligible Student must have a Microsoft account or create one at the time of purchase.

If you participate in the Program, Microsoft reserves the right to contact you directly or through an appointed Microsoft vendor to verify that you are an Eligible Student. If you choose not to provide sufficient documentation to Microsoft or its appointed vendor that verifies that you are an Eligible Student, you agree to reimburse Microsoft for the difference between what you paid in connection with a discounted Program offer and the estimated full retail price of the same product(s). Microsoft will have sole discretion to determine the sufficiency of any documentation that you provide to verify you are an Eligible Student. By providing eligibility-related information to Microsoft's appointed vendor, you agree that the vendor may share such information with Microsoft for Program-related purposes.

Microsoft, in its sole discretion, may accept other forms of validation to determine eligibility in lieu of the online student status verification process.

Microsoft, in its sole discretion, may determine the criteria for eligibility under the Program and may change the eligibility criteria or deny eligibility at any time and for any reason.

Purchase Limitations

Discounted software:

Eligible Students may purchase a maximum of one software licences per 12 month period under the Program, and no more than one licence per software title. In no event may a single household purchase more than a maximum of three software licences during a 12 month period.

Discounted Hardware and Other Items:

Program offers that involve hardware or other non-software products may also have limits on the number of items that may be purchased per student, per household, per offer or per period as described in the specific offer terms.

Offered Software

Only electronic software download ("ESD") versions of software products are offered through the Program. For certain titles, a backup disk may also be ordered from the Offer Site for an additional fee.