Get your content to market faster

Connect resources across a more flexible media supply chain

Expedite playout of radio and video content, increase productivity and simultaneously optimise content delivery of multiple streams in multiple media formats, to any device.

Automate content processing and distribution models

Automate the ingestion, processing and global distribution of your content. Index your content using AI to enable your customers to easily find it, and to enable you to recommend and monetise it.

Innovating the digital media supply chain

Reimagining the media curation process to make watching TV more personal

Augment AI into the ingestion, content management and curation processes to create a unique and personalised experience for viewers.

The making of film magic is now more efficient

Augment on-premise rendering farm with on-demand, high-performance computing (HPC) resources.

Shattering records while bringing the Olympics to the world flawlessly

NBC delivered a record-breaking 3.3 billion minutes of global streaming in just 17 days, in high-definition and with zero downtime.

Creating new business models in streaming when every second counts

Bring ultra-low-latency and high-scale streaming service to live video providers for businesses that rely on real-time streaming.

Innovating royalty operations to reduce efforts and provide faster service

Blockchain-based solution increased transparency, reduced costs and saved time in delivering royalty statements.

Digital media supply chain solutions

Azure Media Services Azure Video Indexer Azure Content Delivery Network Avid MediaCentral Arvato Systems for Broadcast and New Media