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MSSpeech_SR_en-US_TELE.msi Recommended 22.4 MB
MSSpeech_SR_ca-ES_TELE.msi Recommended 25.1 MB
MSSpeech_SR_da-DK_TELE.msi Recommended 25.0 MB
MSSpeech_SR_de-DE_TELE.msi Recommended 18.1 MB
MSSpeech_SR_en-AU_TELE.msi Recommended 18.0 MB
MSSpeech_SR_en-CA_TELE.msi Recommended 22.4 MB
MSSpeech_SR_en-GB_TELE.msi Recommended 17.7 MB
MSSpeech_SR_en-IN_TELE.msi Recommended 12.6 MB
MSSpeech_SR_es-ES_TELE.msi Recommended 13.7 MB
MSSpeech_SR_es-MX_TELE.msi Recommended 17.7 MB
MSSpeech_SR_fi-FI_TELE.msi Recommended 18.5 MB
MSSpeech_SR_fr-CA_TELE.msi Recommended 20.9 MB
MSSpeech_SR_fr-FR_TELE.msi Recommended 19.0 MB
MSSpeech_SR_it-IT_TELE.msi Recommended 18.2 MB
MSSpeech_SR_ja-JP_TELE.msi Recommended 9.9 MB
MSSpeech_SR_ko-KR_TELE.msi Recommended 11.1 MB
MSSpeech_SR_nb-NO_TELE.msi Recommended 19.6 MB
MSSpeech_SR_nl-NL_TELE.msi Recommended 11.7 MB
MSSpeech_SR_pl-PL_TELE.msi Recommended 12.5 MB
MSSpeech_SR_pt-BR_TELE.msi Recommended 12.5 MB
MSSpeech_SR_pt-PT_TELE.msi Recommended 28.2 MB
MSSpeech_SR_ru-RU_TELE.msi Recommended 17.2 MB
MSSpeech_SR_sv-SE_TELE.msi Recommended 9.9 MB
MSSpeech_SR_zh-CN_TELE.msi Recommended 8.1 MB
MSSpeech_SR_zh-HK_TELE.msi Recommended 13.9 MB
MSSpeech_SR_zh-TW_TELE.msi Recommended 10.4 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_ca-ES_Herena.msi Recommended 10.0 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_da-DK_Helle.msi Recommended 11.5 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_de-DE_Hedda.msi Recommended 13.3 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_en-AU_Hayley.msi Recommended 13.7 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_en-CA_Heather.msi Recommended 8.4 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_en-GB_Hazel.msi Recommended 7.1 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_en-IN_Heera.msi Recommended 6.2 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_en-US_Helen.msi Recommended 16.5 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_en-US_ZiraPro.msi Recommended 20.4 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_es-ES_Helena.msi Recommended 11.4 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_es-MX_Hilda.msi Recommended 13.3 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_fi-FI_Heidi.msi Recommended 8.9 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_fr-CA_Harmonie.msi Recommended 22.1 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_fr-FR_Hortense.msi Recommended 11.6 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_it-IT_Lucia.msi Recommended 13.3 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_ja-JP_Haruka.msi Recommended 9.8 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_ko-KR_Heami.msi Recommended 22.8 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_nb-NO_Hulda.msi Recommended 7.4 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_nl-NL_Hanna.msi Recommended 18.0 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_pl-PL_Paulina.msi Recommended 6.0 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_pt-BR_Heloisa.msi Recommended 10.5 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_pt-PT_Helia.msi Recommended 10.5 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_pt-PT_Helia16k.msi Recommended 6.8 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_ru-RU_Elena.msi Recommended 6.2 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_sv-SE_Hedvig.msi Recommended 11.8 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_zh-CN_HuiHui.msi Recommended 25.6 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_zh-HK_HunYee.msi Recommended 16.2 MB
MSSpeech_TTS_zh-TW_HanHan.msi Recommended 18.8 MB
SR Engine Supplement License.rtf Recommended 28 KB
TTS Supplement License.rtf Recommended 28 KB
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