July 17 – August 14, 2023

Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge

The challenge has ended. Thank you for your participation!

The challenge has ended

The challenge ended on August 14, 2023 at 4:00 PM UTC (16:00). 

Important reminders

By completing at least one of the four eligible challenges before August 14th, you will receive a Microsoft Learn AI Skills challenge badge and certificate of completion. These will be delivered to the email address associated with your Microsoft Learn profile. Confirm or add a contact email here to ensure emails are delivered.

Pitch your AI solution

Ready to bring your innovative AI project to life? Apply the skills you're learning in the Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge and use Azure AI Services to develop real-world solutions. Enhance your entrepreneurial skills while receiving guidance and feedback from industry experts.

Start working on your pitch and submit a 3-minute pitch video by August 21st.

Learn about AI with community leaders

Learn what your community leaders and peers have to say about the latest on AI. Join a local community-led event in your preferred time zone and language to kick off your Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge experience.

Register here to meet local experts, gain inspiration, and learn about AI.

Another challenge for you

While the Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge might be over, you can continue building your skills with a 30-day challenge from Microsoft Learn. Expand your portfolio of skills whenever, wherever, and however it works best for you. The 30 Days to Learn It program offers 15+ challenges in 18 languages that you can join anytime. 

Find a new challenge.


Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge 

Machine Learning Challenge

Machine learning is at the core of artificial intelligence, and many modern services depend on predictive machine learning models. Learn how to use Azure Machine Learning to create and publish models without writing code. You'll also explore the various developer tools you can use to interact with the workspace.

See final standings

Cognitive Services Challenge

Azure Cognitive Services are building blocks of AI functionality that can integrate into applications. You'll learn how to provision, secure, and deploy cognitive services. Using this tool, you can create intelligent solutions that extract semantic meaning from text and support common computer vision scenarios.

See final standings

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Challenge

Machine learning operations (MLOps) applies DevOps principles to machine learning projects. You'll learn how to implement key concepts like source control, automation, and CI/CD to build an end-to-end MLOps solution while using Python to train, save, and use a machine learning model.

See final standings

AI Builder Challenge

This challenge introduces you to AI Builder, teaches you how to build models, and explains how you can use them in Power Apps and Power Automate. You'll learn how to create topics, custom entities, and variables to capture, extract, and store information in a bot.

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Frequently asked questions

When does the challenge run?

The Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge ends on August 14, 2023, at 4:00 PM (16:00) UTC.

If you are participating in the "Pitch your AI Solution" experience, you will have 1 additional week to submit your 3-minute pitch video by August 21. Learn more

I didn’t finish the challenge by the end date, can you extend the challenge end date?

No. We are unable to extend the end date of the challenge. The Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge ended on August 14, 2023, at 4:00 PM (16:00) UTC.

I’ve finished my challenge and I haven’t received a challenge complete email, digital badge, or certificate of completion.

Please wait 48 hours to receive an email with a link to your badge and certificate of completion. Confirm the contact email for notifications saved in your Microsoft Learn profile. Please also check your junk folder.

If your challenge shows as complete (will show as 100% on the challenge collection page or a fraction equaling 100% i.e. 10/10, 18/18 on the challenge details page) then you have completed your challenge.

I’ve finished my challenge and the challenge page isn’t showing as complete.  

Please wait 48 hours and then contact us if it has not updated.   

When is the next challenge?

Please follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay in the know about our next challenge.

Still have questions?

See the contest official rules for more details. If your question was not answered above or in the official rules contact the Cloud Skills Challenge support team: ChallengeSupport@Microsoft.com