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Corporate Social Responsibility
Four statements stacked on top of each other reading, from top to bottom: Expand opportunity, Earn trust, Protect fundamental rights, and Advance sustainability.

Building a responsible future

In this era of AI, we remain committed to responsible innovation—ensuring that our technology benefits everyone and helps address society’s most pressing challenges.

Our commitments

As we pursue our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, we focus on four enduring commitments. These commitments help us make decisions across everything we do—as we design and develop products, shape business processes and policies, help our customers, build partnerships, and more—always ensuring our actions align with our mission.
How can we expand opportunity?

Expand opportunity

We believe economic growth and opportunity must reach every person, organization, community, and country. This starts with ensuring everyone has the skills to thrive in a digital, AI-enabled economy, and extends to empowering nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and other organizations to digitally transform and address society’s biggest challenges.

Earn trust

To create positive impact with technology, people must be able to trust the technologies they use and the companies behind them. That’s why we’re committed to the responsible use of AI, protecting privacy, and advancing digital safety and cybersecurity.
How can we earn trust?
How can we protect fundamental rights?

Protect fundamental rights

In an increasingly digital world, we have a responsibility to protect people’s fundamental rights, address the challenges technology creates, and help all communities succeed. For us, this means promoting responsible business practices, expanding accessibility and connectivity, advancing fair and inclusive societies, and empowering communities.

Advance sustainability

Climate change is the defining issue of our generation, and addressing it requires swift, collective action and technological innovation. We are committed to meeting our own goals while enabling others to do the same. That means taking responsibility for our operational footprint and accelerating progress through technology.
How can we advance sustainability?

Our progress

As we work to help everyone achieve more, we are committed to sharing our learnings and reporting our progress.

“Now is the time for urgent action. Those of us that can do more, should do more. But the challenges we face are complex, and no one company, sector, or country can solve them alone.”

Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President of Microsoft

Stories of impact

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Our approach to building a better future

Learn more about our approach to building a more inclusive, sustainable, and trusted future for everyone.
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