Duncan review

Duncan review

Helping hundreds prep for a tech-first future

When Duncan Deutsch fell in love with creating video games and computer programs through code during the AP computer science class he took at Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie, Washington, he wished he’d had the chance to dive into programming earlier. To give others that chance, he began advocating for more technology in his local school district as a student representative to the school board.

Duncan spoke about how diverse STEM offerings in school—from elementary grades on up—can inspire young people and change their lives. “When the board voted on tech grants and STEM offerings, I explained how computer science and STEM classes got me really interested in the field. Figuring out programming on your own is great, but having someone with real-life experience teaching you makes all the difference,” he said. Without these classes in school, Duncan warned that “students won’t be prepared for the future.” His testimony made a difference.

“The board could see the direct impact of their policies on a student like me. Advocacy gave me the opportunity to be heard—and it gave me persuasive power.” To deepen his impact in the Seattle area, Duncan also worked at a robotics summer camp, volunteered during Computer Science Education Week to help kids code, spoke at his high school’s STEM Fest, and worked as a teaching assistant in computer science courses while he attended the University of Washington.
Duncan Deutsch

Mount Si High School, Snoqualmie, Washington

Video games and computer programs