See how our nonprofit partners are bringing computer science into their communities.

boys and girls club america

Boys & Girls Clubs of America


Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), also known as “The Positive Place for Kids,” is a national network of more than 4,300 neighborhood-based facilities annually serving some four million young people, primarily from disadvantaged circumstances. Microsoft has partnered with BGCA for more than two decades. Through cash grants and technology resources, Microsoft has helped BGCA build technology centers and enabled digital skills training to youth. Today, this partnership supports participating youth as they learn everything from basic computational thinking to advanced coding, game design, and application development.


BGCA’s Computer Science Pathway program takes young people on a learning journey based on their interests over time. Club members build skills, while gaining a new understanding of their career options, and the program overwhelmingly results in them wanting to do more and learn more about computer science.


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city year

City Year

City Year seeks to significantly increase the number of students graduating from high school prepared for success in college, career, and life by providing under-resourced urban schools with full-time AmeriCorps members who serve as near-peer tutors, mentors, and role models. In partnership with Microsoft, City Year has developed an innovative model to deliver computer science education through afterschool programs and seeks to provide engaging computer science education to more than 200,000 high-need students in 331 schools across the US. Through these programs, City Year AmeriCorps members have seen students who normally struggle in class light up during afterschool computer science classes, gain exposure to technology and computer learning, and become more engaged in school overall.
REACH Nonprofit

REACH Nonprofit


REACH provides training programs to underserved youth in Vietnam by equipping them with the skills they need to find a high-quality job. With support from Microsoft, REACH offers specialized, intensive training focusing on a three-and-one-half month web graphic design course and a six-month 3D design course. To improve employment success for all their training participants, REACH also incorporates three days of IT training, follow-up resources, and job search support for six months post-graduation for all training programs. This dedication to quality training programs and comprehensive support has resulted in 80 percent of youth trained by REACH obtaining a high-quality job within six months of graduation.




Laboratoria provides in-depth, intensive web development training to young women in Peru and Chile to prepare them for web developer jobs. Technical course content covered throughout the five-month course includes HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Microsoft Virtual Academy free training and Microsoft Visual Studio development tools are incorporated into the program. To ensure the young women are fully prepared for the workplace, technical skills development is complemented with soft skills training and mentorship. Following training, Laboratoria connects graduates with job opportunities and provides resources and support to ensure a seamless transition to the workplace.