Microsoft: A unique partner in Connected Car

Innovations from across Microsoft are shaping the connected car of tomorrow.

The world is again on the cusp of major technological change—this time on the roads. By 2020, the number of connected cars on the road is projected to reach a quarter of a billion1.

As our world grows more interconnected, consumers demand that products keep pace. Consumers expect connected products to be demonstrably more efficient, more productive, and more secure than the products they replace.

More than two decades ago, Microsoft offered a vision of how technology could take our world from personal computing to in-car computing. Connected car technology we consider standard today—from remote sensors to navigation, hands-free communication, mobile and entertainment features, personalized Internet, and roadside assistance—emerged from innovations pioneered by Microsoft.

Today, Microsoft continues to collaborate with the automotive industry at every point in the supply chain. Microsoft’s huge investments in R&D are helping to create the intelligent apps and automotive technologies of the future. Learn more about Microsoft's partnerships in Connected Car.

Microsoft’s Vision for the Connected Car

More than twenty years ago, Bill Gates’ dream of “information at your fingertips,” helped fuel the types of innovative technologies that’s made Microsoft a leader—first in transforming cars “into offices on wheels” and now in the connected cars of tomorrow.

On the strength of its innovations, since 1995 Microsoft has been collaborating directly with stakeholders like Ford, BMW, Tesla, and Nissan to spur the development of connected cars.

During that time, Microsoft has delivered advances in everything from file storage to motion sensors to voice recognition. The list of Microsoft projects that has shaped the connected car includes Kinect for Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure, Bing, and Ford Sync.

How Microsoft Powers the Connected Car

From Microsoft’s heritage in operating systems to the most cutting-edge advances in AI, voice recognition, and gesture recognition, Microsoft technology touches almost every part of the connected car:

  • Operating systems

    Microsoft’s 40-year history building operating systems is unparalleled in the industry. For decades, we have been innovating on Windows solutions from scaling down to the first hand-held OS, to hyper-scaling from IoT devices, to cloud solutions.

  • File Storage

    Microsoft’s industry-leading exFAT file storage and transfer solution connects devices with portable media (through SD cards and other USB-enabled storage devices).

  • Connectivity

    Microsoft is a pioneer in WiFi and mobile connectivity. We continue to make bold bets on the technologies that are powering the future of connected devices, developing wireless, telegraphic, and telephonic communications networks.

  • Sensors

    Sensor innovations are the foundation of intelligent data collection and the future of augmented reality. Microsoft has a long history of developing the technologies that power breakthrough products, from the touch stylus to the revolutionary facial recognition tracking used in gaming, mobile, and aware computing.

  • Gesture Computing

    Microsoft is building on innovations in its motion-sensing Kinect systems to create engaging new technologies that are the future of augmented reality and virtual reality.

  • Graphical User Interface

    Microsoft designs and tests user interfaces relentlessly to make the user experience as frictionless and simple as possible.

  • Voice recognition

    From our heritage in Microsoft voice command to digital personal assistant Cortana, Microsoft has a long and continuing history in interactive technologies.

  • Multi-Touch

    We lead the industry in multi-touch technologies.

  • Security

    Microsoft has always been ahead of the curve in developing technologies to protect data and information. More than a decade ago, we created a model for the industry by developing a trustworthy computing initiative to make security a top priority, and we established a digital crimes unit to address this ever evolving landscape to keep data safe.

  • AI

    The next wave of computing means infusing intelligence into the digital experience. With our cloud-backed technologies, we are unique in having the technologies and scale to push forward in this area.

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