Office Professional 2016



• Fully installed versions of Outlook, Publisher, Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote • For 1 PC • Store files in the cloud with OneDrive Compatible with Windows 7 or later All languages included


  • Required Processor

    1 gigahertz (Ghz) or faster x86- or x64-bit processor with SSE2

  • Required Operating System

    Windows 7 or later, Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2012

  • Required Memory

    1 GB RAM (32 bit); 2 GB RAM (64 bit)

  • Required Hard Disk Space

    3.0 GB available disk space

  • Required Display

    1024 x 768 resolution

  • Graphics

    Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 10 graphics card.

  • Multi-touch

    A touch-enabled device is required to use any multi-touch functionality. However, all features and functionality are always available by using a keyboard, mouse, or other standard or accessible input device. Note that new touch features are optimized for use with Windows 8 or later.

  • Additional System Requirements

    Internet functionality requires an Internet connection.

    Microsoft account required.

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Installation and FAQ

How do I install Office?
After purchase, you can install Office at www.office.com/myaccount. For more information, see the FAQ.

What's the difference between Office 365 plans and Office 2016 suites?
Office 365 plans include the complete suite of Office applications, plus other services that are enabled over the Internet, including extra cloud storage with OneDrive and Skype minutes for home use. With Office 365 you get the full, installed Office experience on PCs, Macs, tablets (including Windows, iPad, and Android) and smartphones. Office 365 plans are available as a monthly or annual subscription. With Office 365, upgrades are always included with your subscription.

Office 2016 suites, including Office Home & Student and Home & Business, include applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote; they are available as a one-time purchase for use on a single PC or Mac. The applications are not automatically updated; to get the latest version, you must purchase Office again when the new version becomes available.

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Using at work

Been using Office since 2003 edition. I do not like installing software I do not use, stop forcing us. Wasting my SSD, trying to make us buy more space for no reason or upgrade to the 365 huh. I got a discount code from work, thought I install on my PC. Did not know it forces to install everything and no choice on which drive.

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Worst buying experience ever

Worst buying experience ever. I want to install this on a non-internet connected computer and have been going around in circles with setting up an account, verify it, and try to download. I wish MS would realize the whole world does not want an email address and an account with them.

I'm confused

Installation was not as simple as it used to be. I have older Office programs I had to purchase separately and that caused issues. Instead of the usual Microsoft Office in the start menu, it was Get Office, but the actual programs are within this Get Office link. So now I have to click a link that opens a window for me to select the program I want. Really? This new set up is not cute. It's time consuming. I'm not a fan of the new look either. It's not as polished as I expected.

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what is the difference between this license & OLP

what is the difference between this license and open Lincense

Terrible 'Upgrade'

I work on a computer all day using word, excel, PowerPoint and outlook. I cannot believe how they changed the function and appearance.....none of which for the better in my opinion. I'm sure there are some great fancy new features that a handful of people will love. But out of the numerous people I know that have changed over to this, there are nothing but complaints. previous versions are better. Outlook is literally almost unbearable to try to look thru emails. No differentiation between days, items. The word that comes to mind is generic. I wish I wouldn't have loaded this vs. my precious version of the suite.

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Poor Performance

Why did Microsoft release Office 2016 when it's so buggy? It's slow and bloated. There are appears to be numerous compatibility issues (which I have attempted to address in various ways to no avail) when opening older excel files and it really slows down productivity. I was using Office 2010 Pro prior to this, and now I regret updating to 2016.

Microsoft Office Professional 2106 Suite

I upgraded to the version that is a one-time pay. I love the program and I will always have some sort of Version of it for the rest of my life, I am sure. For me, it made good sense to simply invest in the full one-time pay version. It has everything I need and allows me to save to .pdf files.

Only Click-to-run

Nothing tells you that this program, like Office 365, is only click-to-run and can only be installed on the C: drive. No good if you have a SSD as your C: drive as it will be filled.

Office Professional 2010 was great, this is not

I had Office 365 installed on a new PC, and I didn't like the look and functionality. I purchased Office Professional 2016 for one PC, hoping it would be better (it wasn't, or at least as not as it was installed). Hours later, installing, uninstalling, gnashing of teeth, I back to where I started. I really really loved Office Professional 2010.

HATE 10 HATE Cortana HATE Cloud Hatenewcomputer

I bought this a month ago. I hate Windows 10. I hate Cortana. I hate the CLOUD. Telll my computer to stop talking to me. I don't know how do do simple things anymore. I hate my new computer. Someone should have told me the truth. DO NOT BUY WINDOWS 10. So now I have to buy another computer with windows 7. This means I won't be able to use the new Microsoft Office 2016 for one computer only which I also hate. Vista was better. Microsoft 2003 was better. It will be easier just to cancel the Internet.

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