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From the artistic mind behind Journey® and Flower®, ABZÛ is a beautiful underwater adventure that evokes the dream of diving. Immerse yourself in a vibrant ocean world full of mystery and bursting with color and life. Perform fluid acrobatics as the Diver, using graceful swimming controls. Discover hundreds of unique species based on real creatures and form a powerful connection with the abundant sea life. Interact with schools of thousands of fish that procedurally respond to you, each other, and predators. Linger in epic seascapes and explore aquatic ecosystems modeled with unprecedented detail. Descend into the heart of the ocean where ancient secrets lie forgotten. But beware, dangers lurk in the depths. "ABZÛ" is from the oldest mythologies; AB, meaning water, and ZÛ, meaning to know. ABZÛ is the ocean of wisdom.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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505 Games

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    Mild Fantasy Violence

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A Great Way To Relieve Stress!

ABZU is a very beautiful & simple game with a very simple narrative & objective....exploration. That's it! No enemies, no puzzles, no failure....just the exploration of an underwater world. The gameplay mechanics are well done, simple & easy. The visuals are very serene and being accompanied by some excellent sound design & a fantastic music score, this game is a good cure for anyone who may suffer from any type of stress or anxiety issues as I do.🙂👍

140 out of 142 people found this helpful.


this game is so relaxing and fun and a good break from all the violence in games today if i could change anything about the game i would give it more levels

87 out of 88 people found this helpful.

Explore a beautiful underwater world

I really enjoyed this game! There is very little story to go on, except what you find by exploring. The varied seascapes are fun to swim around in, and the game progression is handled nicely. There are enough hidden items to keep it fun, but not so many it is overwhelming. Very family friendly, and great fun. Highly recommended.

44 out of 44 people found this helpful.

Need more of these types of games

So glad I came across this game, So beautiful and peaceful. I've been a gamer for many years playing FPS, RPG, Racing, etc. But this game is like a breath of fresh air. At the end of a long stressful day it's so nice to really relax with these visuals. My kids also enjoy this game and it's cool to watch them get immersed in the game. Big fan of this type of game and I hope more come out in the future. Really like the meditative aspect to this game and the theme. The exploration and achievements provide objectives, but you can also just relax and take your time. Simple controls are appealing, but don't take away from the depth of the game. It's nice for a change to play something that relaxes you. No worries of complicated gameplay, violent content, or overwhelming strategy. Can't say it enough, this game is amazing.

110 out of 115 people found this helpful.

A Beautiful Work of Art

I played Abzû on day one of it's release on the PS4. This game is, artistically, one of the most stunning games I've ever played. True, Abzû does have some similarities to it's predecessor: Journey which should not dissuade anyone from purchasing this game. This journey is worth taking, I purchased Abzû for a second time and still feel it was worth it!

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simple elegance

no killing, no talking, but has more substance than most Blockbuster games. fantastic story arc that can be completed quickly, or you can take your time and explore the world at your own pace. deeply relaxing as well.

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Amazing Game

I was not able to put it down once I started. This was so different from any of the games out there. Beautiful colors, great music. I t has no dialogue and needs none. It tells the story in a way that words would take away from it. I just wish it was longer. It left me wanting more.

80 out of 84 people found this helpful.

Calming and beautiful

A conceptually unique , visually stunning, emotionally dynamic, and artistically significant game executed perfectly. Abzu's proximity to its intentions makes it a wonderful experience all the way through. The game's simple mechanics are satisfying and fit well with the relaxing tone. Definitely worth a purchase, it is so enjoyable.

35 out of 36 people found this helpful.

A beautiful world, but a very short experience.

With its superb artstyle and engaging soundtrack, the world of Abzû is worth experiencing. A stress-free adventure about a Diver's journey to the depths of the sea. There are a few issues though. The controls might give you a little trouble, luckily you can change them in the options. The game is very short, you can finish it in less than 2 hours. Searching for collectables, or just exploring every world will extend your experience.

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This game is undeniably beautiful. It is easy to play and has a lot of "woah" moments. It is a really unique game and engages you with all of the ocean creatures. It has story that is suprisingly interesting and has several truely unexpected twists. However, this is not an open world game. The story is linear and the story is the only mode. My only dislike is that for a $20 game, the story is somewhat short. If you are ok with that, then this game is wonderful. In my opinion the price is a little high, but effort clearly went into making it.

89 out of 96 people found this helpful.

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