Artifex Mundi Fantasy Bundle

Artifex Mundi Fantasy Bundle

Artifex Mundi



Take a double journey into a world full of magical places and fantastic beasts! Enter the realm of Slavic myths to find a rare plant and save the mysterious inhabitants of Heritage Park… or head out to the dark ancient forest surrounding the bottomless pit called the Abyss to track down your missing sister! Answer the call of adventure twice with this new fantasy bundle!

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Artifex Mundi

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You Can't See Me

A pretty cool find the hidden object game for the Xbox One. Puzzles can get pretty interesting at times and fast. I love the art style in this title, How the picture comes to life seemlessly after solving a puzzle is beautiful. The story itself watching it come to life is pretty cool too. Not bad for a $10 tittle with more than enough content for its asking price. 3/5

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good game

i like these games more of it... big fish games good... thank you

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im happy people still make games like this.

Reminds. me of a game called warlock made for the pc. love the art style and simplicity.

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artifex mundi gaming

I enjoy these little story puzzle games and the challenge of not using a clue; and the mini bonus game after completing the first. I cant think of anything I dont like about them. Why would you play these games on normal mode anyway? Hope to see many more available for Xbox.

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I adore this game! I wish the sequels were available on xbox, I would buy them immediately. Beautiful art, engaging story, and interesting puzzles. I love that the game is more interactive as opposed to strictly hidden objects. Perfect game worth every penny.

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good game^.^~


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Not my favorite, but still good

This one's not my favorite of the Artifex Mundi games out there, but it still delivers a fun and relaxing experience. This one's a little heavier on the minigames than the hidden object puzzles, if you're someone who cares about that aspect.

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Im addicted to these type of games. They are fun, and they really make you think.🙂👍

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A delightful, chill game!

I really enjoyed this game. On easy mode the puzzles are fun and doable. This is a nice chill game and appropriate for kids too. I bought the bundle and can't wait to try the rest. MAGA!

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