Banner Saga Complete Pack with Survival Mode

Banner Saga Complete Pack with Survival Mode

Versus Evil
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$37.99 +



Get both The Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2 for one great price! Live through an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. Lead your caravan across this stunning yet harsh landscape as you fight for survival. Every decision you make in travel, conversation and combat has a meaningful effect – not everyone will survive, but they will be remembered. Includes Survival mode! Test your tactical mettle in 40 escalating battles. Assemble six heroes from a selection of your favorite Banner Saga characters and lead them in battle against waves of enemies. Earn Renown to equip new items and to unlock heroes to replace those who fall in battle. How long will you survive and how will you rank against others in the leaderboards?

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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    Mild Language

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If you were lucky enough to have enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics, this is for you. Combine all the elements of RPG, stategy, and choose your own adventure gameplay with a novel worthy storyline and you have one of the best games I have played in recent memory. The sequel is every bit as good too. Worthy of the bargain bin price tag and then some. My only regret is not playing it sooner.

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Raise your banner high

Coming from a studio led by ex-Bioware employees, the Banner Saga is arguably the most unique new rpg IP since the souls series. The game plays like a mixture between the Oregon trail and Fire Emblem, having you manage a caravan through difficult choices and those choices affecting combat. The combat in question is tile and turn based, and brutally difficult even on normal settings. This in turn makes building a properly equipped party feel very satisfying. Dialogue can decide who lives and dies and how the story plays out. These choices can then be imported in true Bioware fashion. Money must be rationed between gear and food, and party members that fall in battle become injured, eating from this supply if you need them recuperated. Despite the great quality of the game itself the console port is lacking. The game crashes A TON and battles can be long. This is at it's worst during the final boss. The Banner Saga can be quite stressful but the road is worth the journey.

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From beginning to end I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It is an epic that should not be missed. Everything from the combat to the storyline is great. I loved that it's like one of those choose your own adventure books. Its full of intrigue and there's danger at every corner. You will just never know how your story will unfold as you go. That is what is so great about this game. No two people will end up with the same group of characters by the end. Important characters can and will die, so choose wisely. Also, the dire situation the characters face goes from bad to worse, so try your best to choose the best you can, so you'll end up with one of the better possible outcomes. If there was one thing I didn't like was that you can't turn the battlefield to your liking, so you can have the best possible view. It can cause you to make a move that was not intended if your not careful. I urge everyone to show their support for these great indie games. This game can hang with the big boys.

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Excellent Story

Great turn based combat, great characters, massive fantasy setting, rich RPG elements, and devastating player choices with extreme consequences... Cannot recommend this game enough. Looking forward to the rest of the series

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Game of Thrones Tactics?

A gripping story line molded by your decisions. Half deep tactics style strategy, featuring seeminly countless unique playable characters and half Oregon Trail meets Game of Thrones. Sound crazy? It is. Sound interesting? It is.

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very good turn based game. easy to learn and play

little simple but charming

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So far so good

Reminds me of old B.B.S. games, Waited a long time to get this, but shouldnt have.

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Perfect old school strategy RPG

Loved story and player choices needed more voice acting. Overall a good game.

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I love Banner Saga games.

Cannot wait for the third!

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Camera angle makes target selection unclear,

making it very easy to select unintended targets.

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