Blowfish Bundle #1 - Gunscape & Siegecraft Commander

Blowfish Bundle #1 - Gunscape & Siegecraft Commander

Blowfish Studios
$29.99 +
$29.99 +



Blowfish Studios first bundle of two awesome Xbox One games! Gunscape Gunscape is an FPS world-building hybrid in which gamers create, share and enjoy their own maps; in addition players can discover and play maps created by others. Inspired by classic shooters, Gunscape takes all their most memorable elements and puts them in a toolkit to create single player and co-op campaigns or multiplayer arenas. Don't like building stuff? Then just blast your way through hordes of monsters or duel with other players online or split-screen! Siegecraft Commander Create the ultimate fortress and wreak havoc and destruction on your enemies with tower flinging fun in Siegecraft Commander! Carefully plan the location of the towers and walls in your fortress network to outmaneuver your foes. Easy-to-learn strategic elements combine in subtle ways to yield a rich tactical experience. Enjoy intuitive turn-based tactical gameplay or the intensity and richness of real-time strategy for multiplayer across compatible platforms!

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer - (1-20)
  • Local co-op
  • Online co-op
  • Local multiplayer - (8)

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Blowfish Studios

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Good concept, needs work though.

Fun and different, however it gets to be a real headache with the insane level of micromanagement. Needs some form of aim assistance when placing items. I beat the human campaign and am on level 8 of lizard campaign. I like a challenge but the start bias and wonky setup made for a lot of restart levels due to silly issues like fighters getting stuck behind towers. Bottom line if on sale its worth a play but be prepared to be frustrated.

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I love it but..

PROS Unique gameplay Interesting concept Challenging Fun when you get going CONS Pacing issues when you have any auras up Units get trapped behind the walls when you spread out Cannon firing towers gets tedious, I would have preferred a way to select a tower and see a halo around it and place within the firing zone No way to determine which barracks actually spawns units Having a firing timer on stationary auto turrets seems to outweigh their usefulness UI can be difficult to navigate Firing is a lot of guess work so you cant actually gauge where anything will land Cant create wall cross sections No wall attachment to allow units to cross over them It's definitely fun and with time and a couple patches later this game could become more fun but at the time of writing I would say wait

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best game with no fanbase

33 out of 42 people found this helpful.

I don't know why

this hasn't become popular, Its realy fun sure it has some bugs but what game doesn't.

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Its an ok game

was looking for somthing different than what I got. Its not a bad game. Its just not what I wanted. I do hate the launching mechanic but you get used to it after awhile. Over all good but unless you really want it now id wait till its on sale.

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Not worth the money!

This game is about expanding your base like a chain the issue is the contoller system too expand sucks. You will have a hard time and feel flustered just with the contol. I want a refund!!

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fun multiplayer game

but it's hard playing by yourself

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Servers need some work

hard to find a match and when you do you get disconnected or game freezes.

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The way buildings are placed is a game killer for me.😢

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Fun concept, lack of content

Singleplayer is absurdly short with no skrimsh mode vs ai and online mp is dead already.

3 out of 3 people found this helpful.

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