Crimson Chrome Bundle

Crimson Chrome Bundle

10tons Ltd.



Get two outrageously good twin stick shooters at a great price! Neon Chrome is a ruthless cyberpunk top-down shooter with roguelike twists, cybernetic enhancements, procedurally generated levels, destructible environments and thrilling boss battles. Can you stop the Overseer? Crimsonland is a cult classic arena shooter with massive hordes of hundreds of enemies on screen at the same time, dozens of weapons, immensely gratifying powerups and addictive online leaderboard competition. How long will you survive?

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Local co-op
  • Local multiplayer - (4)

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10tons Ltd.

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    Blood and Gore


Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account.

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Smash TV, ON C _ _ _ _

Just can't say enuff about this game, "It's like a top down shooter on LSD mixed with steroids." Fans of Gaunlet and Smash TV, your welcome.! A MUST BUY....

27 out of 29 people found this helpful.

Great twin-stick roguelike

Picked up after playing the demo for 5 minutes. Great cheesy 80s ish sci fi synth music. Tight responsive controls along with numerous weapons, bio mods and skills!! Similar mechanic as in Rogue Legacy where you carry stats playthrough to playthrough and pick from three unique specimens at every start. Secret stages and random stage roadmaps everytime! Give it a try, you won't be sorry!

25 out of 27 people found this helpful.

An AMAZING game for the price !!

A definite challenge, more customization for game play than I can describe and more weapon choices than any other game that Ive ever played ! A must get !

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great game and addicting but..

the game is fun and addicting, don't get me wrong, however the main game IMAGE is a blatant and obvious DOOM ripoff. with that said, if i hadn't recognized the similarity, i might never have tried the game. it's addicting, fun, has quite the arsenal of weapons, upgrades, perk points, and power-ups to collect throughout the game. the game is an aerial-only view much like the original Grand Theft Auto games (for comparison), and plays much similarly, minus the missions and cars etc. i have only played the trial version which only includes the first ten levels (Chapter 1) and survival mode but it seems slightly addicting. good game so far and i would recommend this game if you like aerial shooters and pure carnage. ---UPDATE--- on a note for the DEVS: where is the option to turn off controller vibration? it really sucks the batteries dry.

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The Smash T V for the Xbone


7 out of 9 people found this helpful.

cyberpunk twin-stick shooter with tons of content

the gameplay is great, sick cyberpunk setting, good difficulty and tons of customizable enhancements, give it a try with the free trial mode, thats what i did and bought the full game 2 hours later. the only con is no online co-op only couch co-op.

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addicted tried on iOS fell in love ❤

like everything game play feels good fresh rogue this is a gem with a free classic what I missed out on the 1st time so far I can only speak to neon chrome. but if crimson is half as good then its worth it, i got the bundle on sale as well so both were cheaper than either one so yay but I'm blown away by the unexpected surprise this turned out to be was an instabuy on sale. only thing I can complain about is not being able to play cross platforms ios to xb1 & droid but were a ways off still from truly only need to buy 1 time to play any where. but other than that one possible complaints the twinstick genre & graphics but game play more than make up for it!!!! id recommend for any rogue fans duel stick top down shooter fans action couch coop fans and from hardcore to casual don't miss this lil gem great change of pace from typical RPGs to FPS this is great fun unexpected welcome addiction. a 2nd dislike can be lack of online MP would make it a 10of10

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Game ahead of it's time

Got 4.6 million in suvival, steam. Games worth buying.

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Excellent gameplay, awesome soundtrack and multiplayer fun! Docked one star because we dont have the ARENA dlc on the console.

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Not a fan

Not a fan of this. It's like indie game developers today worry about making games hard and not so much about making them fun. The difficulty curve in this game starts within about 15 minutes, and is extremely steep. This game could be good if it also had a true casual mode, then they would get my sale, the concept and gameplay are decent. It's too bad, 10tons has made numerous games that I loved, ones with various difficulty levels,, but with this one they only cared about some of their customers, not all of them.

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