Danger Bundle

Danger Bundle

Three Fields Entertainment



2 explosive games in ​one fun packed ​'​Danger Bundle​'​. Dangerous Golf is an irreverent take on golf where the goal is to score points by destroying as many objects as possible before you sink the ball in the hole with an outrageous trick shot. Includes offline coop for 2 players, same room Party play for 8 players as well as 8 player online matches. Danger Zone is an exciting, puzzle based car crashing game. The aim is to cause the biggest car crash, moving your car around like a missile to create yet more havoc. Set across 38 ​single player ​levels with 7 vehicles to drive​,​ will you have the ​destructive ​skill to propel you​self​ to the top of the leaderboards? ​Both games are s​uitable for a wide range of age groups and skill levels​​.

Available on

Xbox One

Xbox One


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Online multiplayer - (2-8)
  • Local multiplayer - (8)
  • Local co-op

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Three Fields Entertainment

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    Alcohol Reference

    Comic Mischief

    Mild Violence

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Eh, it'sok...

Long load screens, gameplay basic but ok at first. You do get to unlock "abilities" though it is restricted by stage. Some objectives flat out annoying. No avatar or club rendered. Feels more like a mobile game, though the loading would make it DOA on any mobile device. Basically feels like a stretched out tech demo.

34 out of 39 people found this helpful.

more time waiting than playing

load times are atrocious and game play is too gimmicky

26 out of 31 people found this helpful.

Fun, but...

This game has a lot of potential but is unfortunately plagued by frequent crashes and poor design decisions. The game is very fun when it works; and it should be considering it's made by the people that created crash mode in the old but not forgotten "Burnout" series. I am currently stuck at the 2nd to last stage of the third tier of levels because my last 7 attempts have ended in crashes to home. Due to the way you progress through the game I am unable unlock the rest of the levels. Which is a huge bummer because this game is a blast, despite its flaws. Apart from this my other major complaint is there is just too much time wasted on unnecessary countdowns and graphical displays before you can get back into the action. The previous game from this developer, "Dangerous Golf" also launched very buggy, but they did make good on it overtime. I'm hoping they do the same thing here. ✌

8 out of 8 people found this helpful.

Ninety percent loading screens

lost interest in a hurry.

44 out of 55 people found this helpful.

IGNORE the 1 & 2 Star Reviews; Please Read, THEN Buy

I think the vast majority of low ratings stem from the gamers who buy everything, play a fraction of what they buy, and go on hate-rating sprees after five minutes of playtime led them to the conclusion that this ain't the Next Huge Thing, and summarily drop back into whatever PvP FPS they play for over 9,000 hours. Hear me out... I know more than a handful of the aforementioned type of gamer. Games like DG are the collateral damage of that lifestyle. This title had very little promotional push, as one might expect...were it not for the game's pedigree. I have none of the loading pains I've seen mentioned; it runs smoothly & the graphics/physics permitted by UE4 are top shelf. If you've heard anything about DG, it's likely, 'Criterion Burnout team goes rogue, makes indie game. Burnout minus cars plus indoor golf = DG.' That's actually not far off the mark. For its price & the giddy joy in annihilating a beautifully rendered set of novel, unthinkable courses, it's a terrific game!

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Floaty Controls but still Fun

Some of the controls can be a little floaty with trying to handle your vehicle. Don't even try to brake. However, the game manages to be a lot of fun. Definitely kept me going back for "just one more level". Really can't go wrong for the price.

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Criterion founders made this.

awesome game. achievements are easy except platinum one. i completed all levels and all but one achievement in just under 4 hours

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its fun 4 a arcade game

i like it a lot fun gameplay n all but i feel they coulda made barrels n back of trucks blow up n a couple other things but othr thn that its real fun for the price.

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Addictive throwback fun

This game is addictive and fun for almost anyone. Just like old times for anyone old enough to remember. $15 well spent

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Would be 5 but...

Lived on Burnout back in the day and this is the same crashbreaker concept by the same team. And I love everything about it except the timer on putt mode. WHY?!? Timed mode has never been fun in any game ever. Sucks that an otherwise fun game is nerf'd by this archaic game crafting decision.

11 out of 14 people found this helpful.

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