Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Focus Home Interactive
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$39.99 +



Released to overwhelming critical acclaim, reaching a million copies sold and winning over 150 game of the year awards and nominations, Larian Studios’ RPG Divinity Original Sin returns with a host of new and enhanced content. Larian’s succinctly cooperative adventure receives a console make-over with a new intuitive user-interface and dynamic split-screen for co-op, as well as a plethora of new content; quests, combat-styles, locations, changes to the crafting system and story situations breathe new life into the already expansive world of Rivellon. Easing a new generation into the world of cRPGs, Original Sin: Enhanced Edition features isometric, party-based gameplay, turn based combat, and hours of fully voiced and remastered dialogue in a story that will have you embroiled in a fantasy world of free exploration thanks to a new split-screen friendly UI. Sneak, stab, explode, poison or talk your way through Rivellon in this extended and enhanced version of 2014’s hottest RPG title.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer - (2)
  • Local co-op
  • Online co-op
  • Local multiplayer - (2)

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    Blood and Gore


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One Fantastic Game

From start to finish, Divinity is intriguing. It's a turned based rpg with several ways of attack in battles. You can cast spells, throw a multitude of different grenades or attack head on. A variety best used when you have your party set up to take advantage of all of them. There are many abilities as well. All abilities are available to your character should you decide to adopt them later on. Divinity is a well thought out game. The side quests are just as interesting as the main story and worth completing. What's nice is the difficulty is always challenging. In a good way of course. If a fight is too hard, come back to it later after leveling up once or twice with better equipment. There's no shortage of gear to find. Not once did Larian Studios skimp on creativity. My 124 hours is proof of that. The majority of the achievements are obtainable in a first play through but check out what they are or you may unknowingly miss some. Divinity is a great game well worth the time.

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This is a magical couch co-op (and online) RPG. My girlfriend and I cannot get enough, best money I've spent in a while. Awesome job with the dynamic split-screen and seamless drop-in/drop-out. More games like this, please! FYI - Play Diablo if you're looking to quicken the pace.

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Fan of the Original Baldur's Gate?

This is one of the best turn based games I've played on any system! The control of the party system is intutive and quick to use. It reminds me of the original Baldur's Gate which is one of my favorite games. After about 50 hours, I'm still having fun and the game is still extremely challenging. I would consider this a great game!

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Amazing RPG

Slow Start, but for those who love good RPG games and are fans of Games like DnD, You will love this game. The Turn Based action makes it a lot easier to plan what you're going to do, but never takes away from the game by slowing it down.

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Great RPG

PROS Great combat, high replay value, Great customization, Funny CONS Turn based (If you dont like that), Vague quest markers, Can be overwhelming for first timers

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challenging but rewarding

awesome game that takes a bit of thought. there's very little direction, so it takes a lot of initiative but ultimately rewarding. open ended skill trees and character customization make this game a lot of fun. highly recommended for the true rpg fan.

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my girlfiend and i recently started this and my one word description would have to be wow! the lv of interactment in the whole game is purely amazing the combat is great this game is a perfect example of what co op in a game should be like. that being said, the battles are turned based in a unique way so if your a stricked fps kind of person you might like somthing else. but anyone out there wanting a great rpg experience that doesnt hold your hand to much and great single/multiplayer gameplay i highly recomend this game. just give the inventory some time to get use to you ;) and you will have a great experience!

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love this game

the storytelling is good. combat is fun and easy to understand with lots of difficult enemys and situations that make no to fights are the same. all in all a very good buy and to me worth every. penny. hope to see more games like this

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Great fun for two!

The game is a blast with a friend and has hours of gameplay. Divinity has a bit of a difficult learning curve, but is well worth the time invested to enjoy the game. The game yields many funny moments through dialogue options between your friend and yourself. I highly recommended this game if you have a friend who also owns the game. This game truly shines in coop and my friend and I got around 20 hours worth of quality gaming.

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Great RPG and local co op

Lot of fun. Best game I have played this year. Still replaying.

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