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Golf without limits in EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR. Usher in the next generation of golf with the power of the Frostbite 3 engine and play the most beautiful sports game to date with no load times, enabling you to explore authentic tournament courses or unique fantasy environments, opening up your golf experience like never before. Don’t just play the course, explore it!

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Stripped down and rough

First of all the golfer creation is bare bones. Want to take the time to make a golfer that looks like you? Good luck because all those options are not there. There are some pre made faces and little else. This game runs on frostbite and it is dissapointing. Strange pop in and frame rate issues abound here. There are few real corses and the rest is battlefield courses that unlock. The core game is solid but the lack of content and polish makes it makes it very hard to reccomend especially it's starting 60 dollar price. Tiger 2004 had more content and polish than this. I pre ordered this digitally and regret it still.

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Worst EA PGA Game by Far

First off, physics need work. It is impossible to bury your golf ball in the sandtraps. I've never seen balls bounce in sand more than in this game. Secondly, the indicator showing where the club strikes the ball is backwards. For example, if I was setting up a high arcing loft shot, why on Earth does the game think i need to aim for the top of the golf ball? Also, No Pebble Beach? No Augusta? No Masters tourney anywhere, not even in career mode? No Ryder cup either? Save your money on this one people.

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Another bomb for EA Sports. Where's the rest of the courses? WHERE'S THE MASTERS? Where's the historical challenges? The last Tiger Woods on 360 was amazing! It was packed full of content this one is sorely lacking in content. No downloads REALLY? When Xbox 1 came out we sat patiently waiting forever for next gen golf and this what we get? I guess we should expect EA Sports to take a great game and trash it by now. They have become the best in the business at that. I hope 2K makes a football game soon! I sincerely hope everybody who had anything to do with the release of this garbage was handed a pink slip! I should have lit that money on fire I would have enjoyed it more.

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Mediocrity, Tiger Woods 14 is better

Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour is a solid game. The gameplay is great. But it is severely lacking content (yes even today). Tiger Woods 14 still has more courses, actually has a Create a Golfer. So a WAY! better Create a Golfer. And it has the Masters.. enough said.

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Disappointing lack of customization

The golf mechanics are still entertaining, but the character creator, previously a highlight in the franchise, is all but gone. What's left is an embarrassing shell, consisting of a few very ugly pre-set faces. Career mode is a mess, and doesn't include the option of assigning skill points. Instead, they are forced upon you in seemingly random categories. Pure golf fans may find something to enjoy here, but those looking for the incredible customization options found in previous entries will be sorely disappointed.

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mostly garbage

what happened to this franchise? this doesn't even come close to what tiger woods PGA tour used to be. you'd be better off playing the tiger wood games from over a decade ago than picking this up. the graphics are obviously better, but other than that it's a shell of game.

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This might as well of been a fake game. There is barely any courses. You cant really design youre own player. It would seem EA has gotten to the point where they know we will buy garbage just to see if it is really that bad.

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Half baked golf game

The game is fun to an extent. Driving is fun, but that's about it. The putting mechanics are atrocious and frustrating. The customization is barely existent, and the courses feel like hollow, sterile shadows of what they could be. Definitely not worth paying for, but if you have ea access and enjoy golf, worth a couple hours of play, I suppose.

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nothing like TIGER WOODS.

Feels like they ripped everything out of what use to be a great EA golf game. They give you lame cloths to wear, very very little golfer customization...(appearance and accessories), and a half ass carreer mode and multi-player with terrible friend cams. Very disapointed EA for this product!

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Why No Ryder Cup or Olympics?

It is a huge disappointment that you can't really follow the tour and feel like your part of the story taking place during the PGA Tour Golf Season. Tiger Woods Golf was able to give you more of a choice to be involved and access courses the pro's played on a weekly basis. This games biggest short coming is its lack of content and abilty to be part of the PGA Tour. I played every golf game on pc and console put out since the very earliest days with Jack Nicholas Golf being a favorite in the early years on PC. The meteoric rise of Tiger Woods gave birth to an exciting player to follow and try to emulate in his EA Sports Golf Game. That type of feel is missing from this game and it is very disappointing for long time this Long time EA Sports player. EA has made a small fortune off of me over the years and I am disappointed when the Games like this one come up short. Due to back problems the EA Brand has allowed me to play virtual sports I can no longer play IRL. PLEASE EA Make IT BETTER!

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