Fast Paced Action Bundle

Fast Paced Action Bundle

Eclipse Games



Eclipse Games is proud to present their Fast Paced Action Bundle, a collection with 2 great indie games that'll keep you on your toes with thrilling action for hours. Games included in this bundle: Super Toy Cars - Super fun tabletop arcade combat racing game featuring miniature cars and tracks made of everyday objects. Tachyon Project - Action pack dual-stick shooter where you take the role of a sentient AI that goes on a journey to uncover a conspiracy to rescue its creators.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Shared/Split screen
  • Local multiplayer - (4)
  • Local co-op

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Eclipse Games

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    Mild Fantasy Violence

    Mild Language

Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account.

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Gradius Life Forece Gyruss

This game is rather fun and challenging, very similar to Gradius or Life Force for the NES but improved gameplay & graphics.

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Easy, Fun 1000G Game!

If You Loved Hot Wheels: Beat That! On The 360, You'll Love This Too! Graphics Are Good, Gameplay Is Good, Music Is Good, It's A Mostly Easy 1000G, Only Flaws Are A Few Flawed Course Designs And The Occasional Hard AI. Overall, I Highly Recommend This Game! "I Used To Dream About Becoming An Astronaut!"-One Of This Game's Songs.

22 out of 28 people found this helpful.

Reminds Me Of My Childhood

This game reminds me of playing with Match Box Cars...but the video game makes the play better!!!

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Clunky controls and bad soundtracks.

6 out of 11 people found this helpful.

The worst glitchy game I've ever played by far!

I can't find one thing that I like about it. Game is not smooth at all and it has too many goofy glitches.

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Missing that certain something

Game has all the things you would expect it to have but the sum is less then the parts. Its just not fun, boring in fact. It is missing any pizzaz or flash. A pale clone of other, better, games like it.

6 out of 14 people found this helpful.

not enough cars

meh to many problems

5 out of 13 people found this helpful.

Great Experience.

See review by MARYMOOCOW1. Exactly what Id have said. The only review you need. 👍❤ ***1 Addition: Well determined patience is likely required.

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