Dead or Alive? Make up your mind, stranger. We don’t like that undead business here in Louisiana… Survive solo or with friends as you look to fulfill your basic needs of food, water and shelter, crafting your own tools and weapons while you secure your camp and face flesh hungry zombies. Several years have passed since the original How to Survive events on Los Riscos’ archipelago. Now the local infection has turned into a worldwide pandemic. Everyone around the world, groups of people or lone wolves, try to survive one more day among the infected, attempting to recover a semblance of normal life. You find yourself in Louisiana and your survival chance starts by building a safe camp and becoming a skilled survivalist. Find water, food and shelter and talk to the unconventional locals to make your way around. • Multiplayer is here! You can invite up to 16 players to access your camp and 4 of you can play simultaneously online - Local coop: up to 4 players simultaneously on the same console. - Players in local Coop can join an online game (i.e. 16 players can play simultaneously) • Teamwork: all players can contribute to a bigger, better camp and can perform co-op actions and strategies. • New improved camera follows your character, allowing you to zoom in and out on the fly! • New randomized environments: from the unforgiving Mississippi Delta bayous to the abandoned streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter. • Create your own character: learn new and different skills to specialize as you level up and equip with scavenged and handcrafted armor, tools and weapons. • A new deeper crafting system will allow you to use items and materials to create hundreds of items, tools and weapons to upgrade your character and your base camp. • Are you an expert in survival? You want real challenges? Elite quests are made for you! In this special quest type, you have only one try to reach your objective. If you die, you will directly be sent back to camp and you’ll have to deal with the judgmental look of your friends... • Set-up, upgrade and protect your camp as you want: choose from a wide upgradeable variety of traps, barricades, obstacle and workshops that will unlock new recipes and allow you to create more materials and items. • Protect your camp and survive, alone or with your friends, to the Kovac’s Challenges! Place your traps in a strategic way and prepare to fight hordes of powerful zombies. • Night & day cycle and weather conditions. • Be careful when you got out by night, some nocturnal zombies are hiding in the darkness, ready to attack you. • Meet new survivors by creating a public camp and use your special private chest to keep safe your precious objects. • You can now kill zombies in a cooler way thanks to the finish moves and gory effects! • Watch your hunger and your thirst if you want to be capable of fighting zombies. • Watch the weight of your inventory. You don’t want to be slowed down while a horde is chasing you. • Kovac’s more diligent students will be happy to find his precious advices in a new video format!

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer - 1 to 4 players
  • Local multiplayer - 4 players
  • Online co-op
  • Local co-op

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Published by
505 Games

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6.76 GB

  • Age rating
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board

    Mature 17+

    Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

    Blood and Gore

    Intense Violence

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I give it a 4 1/2 rating

first off the gameplay isnt like what they show on the trailors it is way better, well at first i thought it was another dissapointing survival game with god awful graphics. Well i was wrong after about two hours i was hooked with great gameplay, pretty good graphics, and quite a bit of exucation moves. but one complaint cant see where im going in the buildings

67 out of 72 people found this helpful.



V Loc530


Great game for the price

I played the 1st one for free, it was a free dl. Liked it so I bought this one on sale for $11 amazing game for that price. I didn't finish the 1st one do to a glitch, but this one run smooth an its improved in every way. My only complaint is the inventory management is a bit of a pain but other then that best $11 dollars ever spent. 👍👌🎮

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Not even close

Extremely disappointing! I absolutely loved the first game. So I didn't even hesitate to buy this one. Having to grind out the same mission over and over made it boring quick. Local multiplayer is a hassle only being able to upgrade one person at a time. Game is just an overall disappointment.

24 out of 45 people found this helpful.





GREAT game!

This is co-op zombie survival done right. The top-down camera makes it all the more better, and gives an amazing local co-op experience. Team up with friends at home, try and keep yourself hydrated and full by scavenging, search for supplies to make first aid, weapons, and build a camp! Perfect balance of survival needs and gameplay, making it different from those tougher games. Beautiful graphics, amazing world detail and design, massive world and countless quests to level up and earn supplies with. Become the ultimate survivor, and take your gameplay online solo or with local friends at home! Best survival I've ever played, absolutely recommend!

35 out of 37 people found this helpful.



V OmniPotence V


Absolutly not as good as the first.

Like the headline I had hoped it was a fun as the first one, but it just doesn't. It gets real obvious real fast that to have any kind of decent base or upgraded stats, you have to grind the same missions over and over. You need to grind for experience to level up your camp and then your character level and then your skills, all of which you need to put experience into four times each just to level them up once. The resources is just the same as the experience , constantly replaying the same missions over just to hope that the item you need randomly spawns. I loved the first How To Suvive, but this a letdown full of hours of grinding just to get to the next firearm which looks identical to the last one you made and melee weapons get real sparse, I got the scythe from the Trick Or Treat! radio mission at level 15 and found nothing better, at least yet at level 40. This sequel is very dissapointing. Regret buying.

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fun, inventory management needs work

lots more crafting than 1st game which is fun. The menus and inventory management are pretty brutal though since it's a port from PC. overall still lots of fun for local coop.

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Fantastic game should be worth 60$

best co-op experience i have had in years. it should be priced at $59.99, the graphics are amazing 5/5 high definition game at its finest and only for $14, if your looking for a solid co-op game to play with others i highly recommend this game! i just dont understand how a game of such high quality and preparation is priced so low. this can be easily sold for $60. just BUY IT! you will not regret your purchase this game delivers a epic survival experience and for a indie title it packs the biggest punch loaded with lots of content,quests,lvls,gear,character customization,EVERYTHING! i give you all this review with 100% honesty.

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great value

loved the first one. so far love this one to . hope there is gonne be a third and that they make it easier to use for console





Such A Great Sequel!!!

The first game is one of my favorite games of all time and this sequel improves on the original in every way! More of everything, bigger everything and enhancements to multiplayer. The base building is awesome too, reminds me of the survival mode from the first one.

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great game🍕🍕

the controlers change but the game still fun!! an update will make it 10 times better but overal, worth it to buy 👏 4 player co-op makes it even better get it and lets play🍕🍕🍕🍕

47 out of 50 people found this helpful.