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Get Playdead's two critically acclaimed titles LIMBO and INSIDE.

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A Near Perfect Experience

As a spiritual successor to Limbo, Inside succeeds on almost every level by taking everything that worked about it and making it better. the game doesn't hold your hand and assumes you're able to grasp simple mechanics and possess moderate puzzle solving skills. It also gives you just enough visual information to interpret your own version of the story in the game and doesn't demand you submit to the rigid lore of some pretentious writer. Best of all, it seems almost like Inside was designed with the player's time in mind, as each section fits neatly into bite-sized chapters that can easily be accessed and replayed from the menu and don't overstay their welcome. Inside is an absolute must play for any fan of platforming and puzzle games and is a neatly perfect experience.

100 out of 102 people found this helpful.

Truly incredible, truly original!

There is nothing, NOTHING, other than the equally amazing Limbo, like this. The story/experience is wonderfully terrifying and oddly breathtaking and beautiful. Worth every penny. The ending will haunt you for days, and the hidden, so called "second ending" will blow your mind. Please, resist the urge to watch any walkthrough vids or read any spoilers. I went into the game totally blind, and am so glad I did. One of the best games of all time. Don't miss it.

94 out of 97 people found this helpful.

Best Indie game i've EVER played.

This game's enviroment and of whats going on is outstanding! I love the game so much,I wish I fully knew the endings and the story line of the boy,but it would be a shame if it all broke out.I don't know about you guys but I enjoy still thinking and hearing more theories about this awesome game. Good job Playdead!

52 out of 53 people found this helpful.

Work of art

Beautiful attention to detail and unique gameplay. The game is mysterious, creepy, and suspenseful. The puzzles were not so difficult but they were enjoyable. I liked the weirdness of the ending but it was not entirely satisfying. This game was a great follow up to Limbo.

47 out of 48 people found this helpful.

this game defines puzzle and art

this game focuses on delivering an experience similar to a long movie in length and atmosphere. i was in love from start to finish. if youre into more of a mindless RPG, this game is making fun of you and isnt for you. reading some of the 1 star reviews fustrates me and makes me laugh. the sheep of this generation will ruin us for sure. enjoy!

71 out of 77 people found this helpful.

Wonderful Hard Puzzles.

I hadn't gave much thought to Puzzle Games before, but since it was free a while ago. It was suprisingly Very Good, The puzzles are pretty hard, a little rage inducing at times (expect to die alot in 1st playthrough), most of the time fun. I like that you only use the left joystick, A, and B Buttons, It gives a break over complicated controls. In the end I enjoyed Limbo immensely and I'm looking forward to playing Inside.

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best bang for the buck available

inside is by far the best indie game to date in my opinion. the worst part is getting halfway through it an realizing it will end

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Two incredible games

Short but sweet. I wish they didn't end. But they're definitely worth replaying, so it's still a great value.

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Everyone should play through this game at least once

And that would be so you can form your own opinion on this game. Its been polarizing since it's release many years ago. I recently, finally, got around to finishing it. It won't take anyone much more than an afternoon to complete the game fully and I think partially it's short and sweetness are what make it great. It's a simple puzzle based 2D side scroller. The visuals are noir perfection as is the overall atmosphere. The brutality of the deaths serve as teaching mechanics in place of a tutorial for each puzzle. The end regardless of your interpretation will invoke some sort of emotion in you and because of that the game really is quiet fantastic and deserves a chance from anyone who is even a little bit curious.

27 out of 27 people found this helpful.

A must play successor to Limbo

This game is an intriguing and disturbing spiritual successor to Limbo. You are a young red-shirted boy, alone as you explore a grim and unforgiving world intent on capturing or killing you. Make your way across the countryside and underground to a mysterious facility as you struggle to figure out why the world has gone wrong. Features platforming and puzzle-solving, with a distinct dystopian science fiction aesthetic. Highly recommended.

55 out of 58 people found this helpful.

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