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Survival, horror at the sunless depths of the Pacific: Stranded on the seafloor with low light and few tools, an industrial diver takes desperate steps to surface before his dwindling oxygen — and sanity — give out. Influenced and inspired by unconventional horror and narrative-driven games, Narcosis is rooted in reality, but steeped in the surreal.

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Xbox One

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    Blood and Gore



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immersive and story driven.

I enjoyed it all the way was more of a survival story, than about horror, and more about the journey of the characters and the mystery behind their fates than just scarry cheap thrills. the claustrophobic setting and isolation drew me in, and the ocean depths was awesome. it felt like another world with giant crabs and everything. very well done! you try to find the other members of the facility, the narrator pulled me into the story, and the ending left me shocked. wow! ....the details throuhout the buildings made it seem like a place real people would work at and live, and there was only a few scenes of gore. thank you for not over doing it. it was sad to find someone who didnt make it....yes the game is slower paced and may not be a style for everyone. and not too difficult for an average player.

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Interesting but not really a survival horror

So you're a man exploring the ocean floor in a dive suit. You are equipped with a tiny knife and some flares. You also have a constantly draining oxygen supply but there is enough refills scattered about that it rarely becomes a concern... Unless, you're exploring to try to find all the collectibles. Things occassionally pop up on screen but it isn't accompanied by suspenseful music so it doesnt really make you jump at all... its just there. "Hi, random dive suit that ,suddenly, appeared in front of me when I turned around." Most of the "jump scares" are predictable too. Whenever you NEED to turn around you can bet thats when the jump scare will happen... Except its not really a scare. Overall, I liked the atmosphere, story, and voice acting ( the main guy kinda sounds like Tom Hanks lol ). But it's not really scary or suspenseful. It's a bit too easy, and the helmet POV can get annoying with its limited vision. It's also a short game too.. like 4-5 hours.

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Snoozefest. save your cash

It appears the game tries to take an intellectual approach at survival horror, however, the dialogue is awful. The game play is boring. and the jump scares are so repetitious and cliched it's unbelievable. watch the movie sphere instead.

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worst loading time ever!

not a bad game like some are saying. its ok, some hard parts, the thing that i hated was the loading time, everytime you die or are moving to the next chapter it takes two minutes. so if you get stuck, and have to try over and over, it takes forever and gets very frustrating. no replay value at all, if you beat the game you most likely never want to play it again.... EVER! one last thing, its not scary, not even a little. some ok turn around and something different there parts but not gonna make you jump, unless your a child, then maybe😆

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A survival-horror game for the patient and persistent.

First off, please ignore the other reviews claiming that this is not a survival-horror game. It absolutely is. Narcosis is a slow burning exploration game that mixes elements of survival and psychological horror. You are lumbering around the near absolute darkness of the ocean floor trying to piece together what happened that left you stranded and hopefully find a way to escape. The story is primarily delivered via a narration done between two people conducting a post mortem interview. As you progress you slowly start to succumb to narcosis and the environment and puzzles begin to warp and torment you. If you're a fan of old school PC horror games like The Dark Eye where its more about atmosphere and story then I think this will be up your alley. Also you can 100% the achievements with a guide in about two hours. Always a plus.

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Not Fun...

I started playing and thought, this is kinda cool. Being under water and all. But then that was it... very boring, very slow, lifeless, no sound track, not fun.

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great experience

very unique and interesting

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walking simulator

boring snoozefest

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Hard controls,glitchy,and boring.

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