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Recotech Bundle




Now, for the first time, we offer 3 games at the same time. In this bundle you can find Kyurinaga's Revenge, Yasai Ninja and Toro. Enjoy!

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Xbox One

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Not worth $2 sale price

Unless you really like bullfighting. Even then the controls are a mess. Stand in front of bull, hit combo, hope you dont get gored, repeat. I'll usually buy any game around $2 (why not) but this I can't recommend.

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2 stars for $2

You get what you pay for! the game is Bad! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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Really Bad!!!

Words cannot describe just how terrible this game is!

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bought it for the meme

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It isn't bad...

Buy for the achievements, LOL!

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LOL muh 2 dollas nnuu ;-;

100% in under 9 hours, but god, it was a torture playing through this mess. 👎

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Great game

Just a couple game crashes and bugs. Enemies spawn outside of map. Fun overall couch co-op

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This game only looks nice. It is not a finished game do not buy it.

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Slice em and Dice em

A dishonored samurai onion and an imprisoned broccoli join forces to stop a corrupt shogun cucumber along with his vegetable army. The unlikely pair will have to work together to get through this hack'n'slash platformer. Each level will have you chopping and bashing through your enemies, jumping from platform to platform and taking on some big veggie bosses. A drawback is the drop in framerate when enemies are sliced up. The game can't seem to handle the animation and the more enemies you kill at once, the slower it goes. A minor note is the attack controls could use a bit more polish as it felt clunky at times. To collect all the achievements, two playthroughs with a pinch of grinding are required. It's not too bad because the game can be finished within two to three hours. Yasai Ninja is not the best game out there but I did end up entertained for the majority of it. Sometimes these short experiences are what one needs for a nice little break between all the 80+ hour games out there.

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