Awakened to her true mind and full abilities, Shin Hisako wields her father’s katana, moving as swiftly as he did in his prime. She has discovered the ability to project her spirit onto the battlefield to surprise, confuse, and devastate the enemies of the light and deliver justice upon them.

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hisako in attack mode

shin hisako is clearly your answer if you want a hisako that can fight back,her moveset is pretty much straight forward & not relying on counters. also shin hisako has a projectile but it's not in a way like jago, first: send out the ghost orb & second: slash at the orb for it to move & you gotta time it right,if not you'll get bodied, all in all this is a good clone character

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Hisako was great. One of the coolest characters in all fighting games. Now she has Shin status. Shin Hisako is BA, and has an all new fighting style. Awaken

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not bad at all

I love this new take on one of my fav KI characters. Little bit of old & some new mechs......plus her katana is just so DOPE!!!

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i hate nothing it's perfect

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The sword spoke her name and five dollars dissapeared from my wallet! 😵

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$5 If you like KI, it's worth it!

Perfect addition to KI! Shin Hisako was a FANTASTIC choice for a revamped character to bring to the roster.

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Shin Hisako Murders Anyone On Sight With That Katana 🗡

She Kills haf the cast With No Hesitation I Recommend her to KI Fans who like hisako👻

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I made a mistake supporting this game.

Nope. Should have never bought her. Not buying the sequel either. This game is dying slowly. This is the one of the worst feelings of buyers remorse I have ever felt in my life. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE that thousands of others including myself have made. Shin Hisako is NOT worth it. Neither is Kilgore nor the last final DLC fighter.

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