Spintires: MudRunner

Spintires: MudRunner

Focus Home Interactive



Spintires: MudRunner is the ultimate version of the million-seller hit Spintires for the first time on consoles. The game puts you in the driver seat of incredible all-terrain vehicles, venturing across extreme landscapes with only a map and compass as guides! A huge upgrade over its predecessor, this edition comes complete with a brand new Sandbox Map joining alongside the original game's 5, a total graphical overhaul, a new Challenge mode with 9 new dedicated maps, 13 new vehicles and other comprehensive improvements. Drive 19 powerful all-terrain vehicles with their own characteristics and equipment. Complete your objectives by enduring perilous conditions across wild landscapes in extreme conditions with dynamic day-night cycles. Overcome muddy terrain, raging rivers and other obstacles that realistically react to your vehicle powered by the game's physics engine. With your map, compass, and your driving skills as allies, go solo or join up to three others in coop multiplayer.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online co-op

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Focus Home Interactive

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Just what i expected

played spintires on computer before this. So excited for xbox version. only downfall at all is camera angles. but if you use left and right on directional pads the presets help a lot at first. IF DEVELOPERS read this please add a few mods. even if we have to pay more. preferably a 73 to 79 ford f100-150. Could waste days with that.

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the game is fun but it needs more stuff MORE TRUCKS MORE MAPS!!!!!!!!

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Good game!

This game is a good game, it's solid it has structure and has support. This game recently came out and I hope. That, they will have mods or dlc and new maps. So far, so good.

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modsssssssssssssssss please


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Decent but with flaws

Not bad if you like sim type games, however the camera controls are terrible compared to other driving games. First person is miserable, especially without side view mirrors, and just a pet peeve, the lingo and part naming doesn't seem to be well researched, I.E. fifth wheel vs hitch. Overall not bad, if dev is motivated, this game could have a real future

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Great game, lacks depth

One of the most addicting games I've played in awhile. Not just another point to point driving game and requires some strategy. Could use some different game modes and maps.

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good graphics but.....

coolest vehicle is the ''jeep'' and it sucks........

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this is a gross misrepresention of offroad trucking

the driveing is a joke. as a former offroad trucker i am appalled that this is considered a "sim". the mud physics that are the selling point of the game are awful. trucks in irl do not handle even half as poorly as the ones in the game do. hauling trailers shouldnt be as hard as it is either,the jack and chase & the alley docking maneuvers should be easy but in the game they are inpossible. in short the dev team did no research into trucks and how they operate so the game just sucks and the fact the call it a sim is just offensive to truckers

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love it

good game

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