The Escapists: Supermax Edition

The Escapists: Supermax Edition

Team17 Digital Ltd.
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$25.19 +
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The Escapists Supermax Edition bundle files through the bars and digs to freedom to smuggle the award-winning prison escape game and all the additional premium content past the guards in this definitive Escapists experience! The Escapists is an award winning prison break simulation that provides players the opportunity of experiencing a light-hearted insight into everyday prison life. Master the routine, plan your strategy then execute your Escape. This bundle includes the original game plus all the following content: ‘Duct Tapes Are Forever’ transports The Escapists to the secret world of spies, evil villains and tuxedos. 'Escape Team' sees four characters locked in a military prison for crimes they did not commit. ‘Alcatraz' tasks you with escaping from one of the most famous prisons in the world. Many have tried. Few have succeeded! As an elf in ‘Santa’s Sweatshop’, sick and tired of bad working conditions and rubbish pay, you decide to hit Santa where it hurts and escape!

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Xbox One

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Needs multiplayer

I'm not a critic, but this needs multiplayer. Everything else is fun and escaping from a prison that you spent 30 days in is really satisfying. But not having someone distract the guards while you dig a tunnel, or just having a builder and tunneler is really hurting this game in my opinion. And the difficulty should adjust depending on how many players there are. So until then my review shall be 4 stars. But good game.

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It needs multiplayer

I love playing this game but, after a little while it gets boring without anyone else. This game would be amazing with multiplayer!

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Simple Graphics

This game has simple graphics but it is such a good game. Some of the DLC is free! There is a lot of replay value since there are different ways to escape. Although in later prisons it is so hard to exercise, so I am not able to KO guards and prisoners for missions. This game is worth buying.

55 out of 60 people found this helpful.

Great game, just a suggestion I have...

This is a great game, one of the better ones I've played, and I'm so glad it's free right now because my friends play it too now. The only thing I think this game needs is multiplayer. It would be amazing if I could play with my friends on this already great game!

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It needs muiltiplayer

I really like the diffrent prisons but i don't like that it's not got multiplayer it could be A LOT more fun with it (btw i probably just want 2 player)

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great game. challenging which is good because it makes you think and each level is different in the strategy department (what worked in one prison, won't necessarily work in another). lots of levels and i guarantee that you'll get a lot of gameplay hours since you have to scavage for all the items to craft, building your strengh, speed, and intellanct.

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Great Game

This was free with gold a while ago so I thought I might as well try it. I could not put down the controller down. It is a fun and addictive game. If you are considering buying this, get it. You won't be disappointed.

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Great Game

I like how when you complete each prison it keeps on getting more difficult the minor thing that I don't like is that it should have more items but otherwise it's a really good game.

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Ubisoft take notes

Great Game!!!! Very Challenging. Shows games dont have to always look pretty to be good.

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Fun, semi-family fun!

The escapists is a fun, challenging game. Worth 25 bucks! Looking forward to the sequel I wish I could beta test!

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