The Pure Bundle

The Pure Bundle

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Add these classic games to your collection and become a master on the table - whether that's the poker table, or the pool table, you'll be a pro in no time. Includes: Pure Hold'em, with Vortex and Paradise City chip sets Pure Pool with Snooker pack The most authentic experience you'll have from the comfort of your couch.

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Xbox One


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    Simulated Gambling

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rules and cameras

rules are messed up as stated by everyone else.. a good camera 4 bank shots is non existant... maybe press a button to toggle an overhead view for more accurate bank shots?? overall i think its a decent pool game... graphics are smooth, sound is nice, music is relaxing, and the ball physics are very accurate.. definate 4 star

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It is missing a few rules but its still fun. Pretty accurate as well. However i wish that icould move any ball around in free play. Must play on Master/Pro (no ghost lines).

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Not Real pool, Missing alot of foul shoot regulations. Honest i want my money back, But i know that isnt possible. Just want be buying anymore games from u guys.

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Pure Pool? more like pure sh😆😆

Pure sh😆😆 FFS this game has the worst physics possible I feel like EA and DICE teamed up and stuck their fingers up eachothers a😆😆 and made this hunk of sh😆😆 my god 20$ I lose because game devs make sh😆😆😆 y games now fingers up their a😆😆 and pulls out sh😆😆

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I like this game..The motion and feel are smooth. The graphics are dead on. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because some shots you cant see around, but thats rare. Well worth the money.

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As others said, rules arent right. It will punish you for breaking them, but not the AI. On medium(pro) the AI never misses, unless you are losing anyway. Most games go like this: you make every shot in one turn, miss the 8 ball shot and then the AI makes every shot and wins. The alternative is that you miss the 1st shot then the AI makes every shot. In many cases I literally dont even get to play. How could Master level be any harder? Some biker just smashes your hands with a brick? Seriously, on medium I think Ive won twice ever. That would make sense if I was playing badly. The only way to win is to be the breaker and make EVERY single shot and sweep the table in one turn. You cannot let the AI take one shot. Thats right; it is just about the most frustrating thing ever to play a game for relaxation only to have bad AI crush the patience and happiness from you. This will make you furious.

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It's ok for pool, but perfect for snooker.

Purely Simplistic

After playing this game for a couple of weeks my review is a little more positive, available views of the table are not as bad as I originally thought but it is still difficult to get the view you want a lot of the time. I also still have trouble taking like tap shots, I would love a power meter and/or a graphic showing how far the ball will travel at any given power level would be great (a lot of the time I get fouled for shooting too softly and none of my balls hitting the bank). Another thing I dislike a lot is, of the six games (or however many, all the games I have besides snooker), none of the games are call shots (I don't think, anyway). I play 8-ball a lot, this is definitely flukes, I find this to be entirely uncompetitive. With Bankshot Billiards I always played the game where you choose the ball and pocket and lose your turn if you don't make the shot you call - this is much more sportsmanlike than wacking the balls as hard as you can and hoping something, goes in.

Failed to connect to Pure Pool server! 😢

First and for most I want thank Voodoo studios the developers for creating a awesome pool game and at it's price + the snooker add-on great purchases, I'm hoping the servers come back up soon! It just starts to do it here and the so im defiantly needing my online pool fix a.s.a.p. 😢

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