Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition

Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
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$39.99 +

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Includes the main game and the season pass, delivering regular new content for 6 months.

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Xbox One

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I've played all of the Arkham games & while I enjoyed the story more on Arkham City, Arkham Knight has the best gameplay in my opinion. The Batmobile is fun but it does have a couple of moments when it can get annoying. Overall this is a fantastic game. If you're a fan of Batman, I highly recommend this game. If you're new to the franchise definitely start with Arkham Asylum & Arkham City. Or U can just get Return to Arkham. ( the bundle with Asylum & City )

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Great game...

...despite what criticism you may have heard. I actually enjoyed the Batmobile, if the devs hadn't included it you probably would have heard complaints to the tune of "Same old song and dance." which would have been fair criticism. The game remains true to the series while implementing new ideas that keep Arkham feeling fresh.

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Batman At Its Finest

The explosive final installment of the Arkham series, Arkham Knight takes the best aspects from every Arkham game. Just like its predecessors, Arkham Knight has an excellently written storyline, amazing combat, and breathtaking graphics. A new addition to the series, players are now able to get behind the wheel of Batman's tank-like Batmobile. It's true the story is darker at times, but players who have played any of the other Arkham games can expect a story that is similar to the others. Concerned about grisly crime scenes or extremely strong language? Blood and language do not exceed the previous games. Arkham Knight is by far one of best in the series.

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I have never played an Arkham game, but this makes me see Batman and all the other characters in a whole new light. I love the way you can actually DRIVE the Batmobile. And the new Gotham is just AMAZING. Don't even get me started with the graphics. Out of all the games I've played, this one's the best.

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The End Is Here

Arkham Knight is one of the best hands on Batman experiences yet and provides a legendary ending to Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy. It is one of the largest open world Batman games and leaves players with plenty to do such as side missions, AR challenges, and tons of easter eggs to find, even after the main story has been completed. It's story isn't as great as Arkham City's, but is filled with twists and incorporates a great adaptation of one of the best Batman story lines. The graphics and gameplay are both spectacular, especially the gameplay, which has become iconic in the gaming community. If you are a Batman fan, or better yet, an Arkham fan, then there's no excuse not to buy this game.

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Great Game

I love this game,it makes you feel like you're in Gotham.Also the characters are just like one's in comic books so I highly recommend this game.

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2nd best

Arkham knight is a very fun very action packed game. Even though in my opinion Arkham City is the best, this is still a very great game. And for the parents Arkham knight may have an M rating but i recommend ages 12+ at least if you can handle jumpscares and a few annoying parts. this is a great way to end a series.

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I love the story line and the characters and how they act. one thing i would of liked was if the red hood story was longer because i LOVE Red Hood and i just want to be able to play as him for longer, i also would like to be able to free roam as other people like robin or catwomen that would be nice

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Love this game

Batman Arkham Knight is probably one of the best games I have played in the last decade. While the batmobile does make the game a little repetitive with it being needed for many missions, the game itself plays nicely on the previous 3 games, improving on the past mechanics while also giving a fresh experience to the player. Overall, if you're a Batman fan or not, I would fully recommend this game to you, as well as its DLC's which do add much more to the experience and you won't regret buying it. I hope I helped your choice! :D

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This game is truly a masterful predecessor to its previous Arkham entry. Almost everything Arkham fans know and love returns in this game. And I say almost because there isnt as much boss battles compared to City or Origins. The challlenge maps everyone know and love are different as well. There are less few challenge maps in the base game, which is a bummer. But the story, combat, gadgets, and the city itself are great. The side missions are very solid and not too repetitive. Overall it is a great story to end the Batman's stiry in the Arkhamverse.

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