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I've played all of the Arkham games & while I enjoyed the story more on Arkham City, Arkham Knight has the best gameplay in my opinion. The Batmobile is fun but it does have a couple of moments when it can get annoying. Overall this is a fantastic game. If you're a fan of Batman, I highly recommend this game. If you're new to the franchise definitely start with Arkham Asylum & Arkham City. Or U can just get Return to Arkham. ( the bundle with Asylum & City )

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Great Game

I love this game,it makes you feel like you're in Gotham.Also the characters are just like one's in comic books so I highly recommend this game.

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I love the story line and the characters and how they act. one thing i would of liked was if the red hood story was longer because i LOVE Red Hood and i just want to be able to play as him for longer, i also would like to be able to free roam as other people like robin or catwomen that would be nice

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One of my top games

I bought it when it came out then sold it and i just bought it again with all the DLC'S just to play it again. Its worth the money

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It's Good 👍

The story is great but there are to many tank battles. But other than that, everything is good. 👍

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gets unnecessary. bad rap

first few hours r like a movie. car isn't that. bad and not used much. improves on literally everything from city

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Bought premium. Now stays in que and will not download. I have 800gb free so space is not the issue.... update. hard reset to fix issue great game. a bit dark

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After returning to the game for the first time since its launch, I'm enjoying myself more than ever. Any gripes I have would just be nitpickings. Great story, excellent (and fun😃) gameplay, the fluid transition between said gameplay and the in-game cutscenes are stunningly smooth, leaving you thoroughly engaged throughout. Let us not forgot the mad attention to detail coupled with gorgeous graphics make for some of the best eye candy, even 2 years after it's release! Bottom line, if you're looking for something to fill your time between now and the onslaught known as the holiday game slate, look no further.

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Great addition to the series

Really enjoyed it, lots to do besides the main story, get it! its worth it

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