Battlefield™ 1 Deluxe Edition contains the base game and the following additional content: Red Baron Pack • Vehicle Package: Red Baron’s Triplane • Sidearm: Red Baron’s P08 • Emblem: Red Baron’s Flyer Pin Lawrence of Arabia Pack • Horse: Lawrence of Arabia’s Black Stallion (new visual appearance for the horse) • Weapon: Lawrence of Arabia’s SMLE • Melee: Lawrence of Arabia’s Jambiya • Emblem: Lawrence of Arabia’s Emblem Hellfighter Pack • Weapon: Hellfighter Trench Shotgun • Sidearm: Hellfighter M1911 • Melee: Hellfighter Bolo Knife • Emblem: Hellfighter Insignia New visual appearance of the Behemoths • Frontline Camouflage Train • Night Raid Airship • Dazzle Camouflage Dreadnought • Five Battlefield 1 Battlepacks containing stand-out weapon skins. Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer - 8 to 64 players

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Electronic Arts

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  • Entertainment Software Rating Board

    Mature 17+

    Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB


    Strong Language


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$9.99 - $49.99

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Awesome Gameplay Experience.

This game is really awesome, the frosbite engine makes it look like the real world, gameplay is also as excellent as realistic. The weapons look and feel somehow like real weapons. But the best of all you get 5 battle packs, Lawrence of Arabia pack, Red Baron pack, Hellfighter pack and new appereances for the three behemots all for FREE.

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Something for everyone

Well the maps are beautiful. Multiplayer are enjoyable. Not really the same as the past battlefield games, but love the old guns. love the fun facts adout ww1. the only thing is they need to hurry up with the new maps

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Should get dlc free

I love battlefield 1 and I play it a lot. I spent a lot of money on the delux edition. Why don't I get the premium pass and dlc free?

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Dank City

Really love this. A lot of people complain about how you will get wrecked if you don't have the time or skill to be good at this game, but isn't that how it should be? Took me a minute to get used to the different play style (switched from COD cause the new one is trash) But after a while of practice started wrecking house. Such a good game 10/10 would play again.



Darth J Binks


Ripping people off

I own BF1 deluxe edition and have since the game released so why do i need to re buy the game to get DLC all is only available in bundle, making people re buy the game for season pass is outragous and should be against the law... I cant believe what gamers are letting EA get away with... Quit pulling scams on your costumers

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Great Game,but needs to make make guns as they were

smg's were prototypes and spay n prey is what they did and jamming up happened if they stayed on trigger. lmg's the same thing needs to be done. great grandfather was in war and no one wanted auto guns because of this. they were good for a 3 to 4 meter quick kill but the bolt action was the way to go. if to auto guns are mounted they were more accurate. come on bf you have bf1 guns shoting better than bf4 guns that are guns of today. bf fans want a skill game not a kid game where hip fire is all games of 2016's way to go, at least the triple AAA games

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Nova Waffl3



COD fans were put to shame. 😆 this game is endless and so fun. there has been few games based on the past (Assassins Creed, FarCry Primal are some good games, but they are only single player). Its a huge leap putting something based on the past MULTIPLAYER!!!! Its a huge help having an action packed, kick ass, amazing trailer.. SEVEN NATION ARMY was the best song to choose!

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TFX FatalSilenc


pay close attention before you buy

the game overall meets the standards of battlefield... however, certain things were rushed or not thought through. like the fact that if I pay over $100 to pre-order the deluxe edition.... I should at least have premium included in that. also, rent-a-server and hardcore mode are extremely broken. rent-a-server you don't have the same admin rights as BF4, you can't give others admin rights, can't make the server private, and you can't kick those players who join just to be a troll (we all have experienced them at some point). for hardcore.... I dunno what there guys were thinking.... no kill feed, no pop up saying who you killed if you even killed them, hits and kills are sounded by a shell casing sound of some sort but that's it. and you don't know if someone is a friendly unless you're close enough and your reticle is ON them, so for you sweeper shooters and snipers, don't be surprised if you end up being that team killer guy...

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Great game with realistic detail and graphics. My best friend hated BattleField but now he cant get enough.

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Typhoon Toon


Need more wars to play in

Everything is mostly awsome just with the big wars that last for a long time I think they needed to add more wars like wars in WW2 and more