Set in an apocalyptic 1986, a zombie outbreak has brought humanity to its knees. You play Randall Wayne, a father searching the destroyed streets of Seattle for his family. You’ll encounter many life-threatening situations, but combat isn’t always the answer against the undead, fight back using scarce resources or hide and sneak past them utilizing the environment. Deadlight: Director’s Cut is the ultimate Deadlight experience, now with improved gameplay, controls, and extra game modes. Features: • Fight or run from zombie encounters in tense combat and platforming • Uncover the fate of Randall’s family as he searches Seattle • Full 1080p with enhanced controls and improved animations • Survive the ‘Nightmare’ difficulty mode, on console for the first time • Fight for your life in the new ‘Survival Arena’ mode. Use new weapons and tactics to overcome waves of zombies, scoring in online-leaderboards

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Deep Silver

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5 GB

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    Mature 17+


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very interesting, a bit short though

A pretty interesting side scroller. They had me guessing to the end of it. the way they have puzzles set up with zombies coming at you increases the intensity of it The first time around. The highlights of what you can use to jump on interact with are very obscure, so you have to definitely pay attention to your surroundings....especially with zombies coming after you. I just think that the story could be longer and more deep, its just short. But for the price is not too bad.

17 out of 17 people found this helpful.

For $10, Why Not

I got it at a $10 discount for owning it on the 360. While it's still one of my favorite zombie games in terms of story, I feel that the platforming didn't hold up, and some jumping portions were extremely tedious. There's still a sense of danger with the zombies, because two or three can be too much to handlem which is a big plus.

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Sequel please.

This game is a work of art, very atmospheric and fun to play. I desperately hope the developers are working on an even better, deeper, and tighter sequel.

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Amazing Platformer!!!

I own this game for the 360 and 100% it. A must buy for fans of Limbo and Shadow Complex

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Mildly Enjoyable, Not Worth More Than $5

Although a decent amout of fun, Deadlight culminates to a midly enjoyable game that feels more like a demo than a full game. In the end, the horrible controls, short story, unrewarding exploration (and lack thereoff), and glitchy gameplay make Deadlight a disapointment. However, it is a wonderful concept that I hope to see improved upon and polished for a future game.

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oh boy......

There are game Ruining glitches in this I encountered. Let's just start with that. At one point somewhere early on. About 20 minutes in. I hit a checkpoint And suddenly I start falling through the floor Endlessly. Upon a full restart of Xbox The checkpoint always loaded in like that, so I had to restart the game for the beginning. The voice acting Is Absolutely horrible at times And mediocre at best. The story is beyond cliched and very rushed. The controls are sluggish like a Prince of persia game, there are parts that require very quick movements Resulting in death after death. With the $20 price point. A 3 hour campaign And half hearted Survival modes thrown in, plus the game breaking bugs I can't recommend this game in AnyWay shape or form. There's very little to enjoy aside from the occasional nice view.

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I had this on 360 & it was a great game, cool style & game play, can't wait to do it again & see what's new!!!

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Love the feel of the game. Storyline is pretty short for the price.

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Best 2D Horror

Had this game on the 360, it's a must buy for gamers that has not played this title yet.

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it has a awesome story that gave me the feels i beat it its kinda short but worth the price i love it the feels though it is heart touching

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