Destiny 2 - Digital Deluxe Edition

Destiny 2 - Digital Deluxe Edition

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$99.99 +



Get the ultimate Destiny 2 experience with the Digital Deluxe Edition. Includes a copy of Destiny 2, premium digital content and the Expansion Pass to continue your Guardian’s legend. The Destiny 2 Expansion Pass grants access to both Expansion I and Expansion II. Both expansions feature an all-new storyline featuring new characters and villains. Complete Missions and Adventures spanning newly discovered destinations. Play new cooperative activities and compete in new multiplayer arenas. Earn and wield a powerful arsenal of new weapons, armor, and gear. Premium digital content: - Legendary Sword - Legendary Player Emote - Cabal Empire Themed Emblem Also includes: - Coldheart Trace Rifle - Kill-Tracker Ghost - Salute Emote From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated sequel. An action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system. Gameplay Features: - Rich cinematic story campaign. - Multiple cooperative game modes for epic, social fun. - Intense 4v4 competitive multiplayer matches, including 5 different PVP modes. - Expansive, never-before-seen worlds and spaces to explore. - Customize your character’s weapons and armor with an all-new array of gear. - Discover Lost Sectors, complete new Adventure missions, or rally to Public Events with other Guardians. Content in the Expansion Pass may be sold separately. Do not also purchase the standalone Expansions I & II, as you will be charged for them. 68 GB hard drive storage space required as of 09.17. Subject to change. Requires broadband internet. After 09.17 see for current requirements prior to purchase. Significant elements and functionality require Xbox Live Gold subscription, sold separately. Using the software constitutes acceptance of the Destiny Software License Agreement at Activision may modify or discontinue online services without notice at any time. © 2017 Bungie, Inc. All rights reserved. Destiny, the Destiny Logo, Bungie and the Bungie Logo are among the trademarks of Bungie, Inc. Published and distributed by Activision. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Xbox One X Enhanced
  • Online multiplayer - (1-16)
  • HDR
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Online co-op

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Never received content

paid for it, never received content

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I have the premium pack and have completed the campaign and have reached level 20 the max level but I still haven't obtained the items.

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Pre-Ordered Digital Deluxe Edition As Soon As Available

When I started Destiny I never wanted the game to end. Progressing gave me the best feeling ever and learning things about the game by actually listening kept me well intrigued. I don't want a character transfer, not for myself or anyone else. I know this sounds selfish but I want not only myself, but everyone that plays to experience the game all over again, all of the feelings and to be immersed into the story and the new feelings we once had when we had just gotten our hands onto an item or knowledge for the first time. I want everyone to feel young again and have experiences like they had never played before. No headstarts, make a new path and have fun doing it. Thank you for reading this incredibly long "review" and I hope that you feel the same way I do.

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Destiny in the title so i threw all my money at it..

10\10 take my money

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Available in SEPTEMBER

READ product details people you may own it but its not even out yet so chill. I can't wait until September!!!

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No bonuses

I have this downloaded, beat the game and got to level 20, yet an hour later of restarting Xbox and the game, and I haven't gotten any bonuses. what's the deal? pretty pissed

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I love the fact that they listen to the community and really did fix thye mistakes they made from the first Destiny game, we only played 1 story mission 1 strike and 2 different pvp gamemodes and let me tell you pvp is balanced and fun again it actually has a story now XD and the strikes feel great the map design is fantastic the new ui is gorgeous and easier for newer player to hop onto the game and join the veterans new sub classes are fun and i cant really seem to find something that i disliked about what i got so far so thats why i gave it a 5 star keep it up BUNGIE!

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Win some lose some

I love the story so far, except for one thing, my guardian had a voice and personality in part one. Also, major confusion on how to claim preorder dlc... However, I greatly appreciate that I no longer have to return to orbit after every single mission!!!

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D2 is D1 remasterd. same supers, same content like patrols, story missions, and most of all gear. expect to get the same gear over and over like the knucklehead radar hunter helmet, as i got 5 times in a row. nightfall is easy as ever. they give you a timer to complete it in which only encourages the team to skip 3/4 of the content. my biggest complaint is the fact that i paid $100 for d2 and its no different than d1.

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Super Rad

dude, destiny 2 is insane. wish it'd come out sooner- actually no. take your time. we all saw what happened to Mass Effect Andromeda when they rushed it. but to the point. pre-order is beyond worth it.

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