Destiny 2 - Game + Expansion Pass Bundle

Destiny 2 - Game + Expansion Pass Bundle

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Upgrade your Destiny 2 experience with the Expansion Pass bundle. Includes a copy of Destiny 2, and the Expansion Pass to continue your Guardian’s legend. The Destiny 2 Expansion Pass grants access to both Expansion I and Expansion II. Both expansions feature an all-new storyline featuring new characters and villains. Complete Missions and Adventures spanning newly discovered destinations. Play new cooperative activities and compete in new multiplayer arenas. Earn and wield a powerful arsenal of new weapons, armor, and gear. From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated sequel. An action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system. Gameplay Features: - Rich cinematic story campaign. - Multiple cooperative game modes for epic, social fun. - Intense 4v4 competitive multiplayer matches, including 5 different PVP modes. - Expansive, never-before-seen worlds and spaces to explore. - Customize your character’s weapons and armor with an all-new array of gear. Content in the Expansion Pass may be sold separately. Do not also purchase the standalone Expansions I & II, as you will be charged for them. 68 GB hard drive storage space required as of 09.17. Subject to change. Requires broadband internet. After 09.17 see for current requirements prior to purchase. Significant elements and functionality require Xbox Live Gold subscription, sold separately. Using the software constitutes acceptance of the Destiny Software License Agreement at Activision may modify or discontinue online services without notice at any time. © 2017 Bungie, Inc. All rights reserved. Destiny, the Destiny Logo, Bungie and the Bungie Logo are among the trademarks of Bungie, Inc. Published and distributed by Activision. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc.

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Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer - (1-16)
  • Online co-op
  • Xbox One X Enhanced
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR

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Destiny Minus Content

The issue with not continuing to build upon Destiny and making a whole new game is that you lose all of the content that let the game thrive. Now Destiny 2 shows its holes after the hype has died down. The story exists and is compelling enough to be called good. The voice acting and animation along with level design are reminiscent of Halo and it is the shining achievement of this game. Everything else falls flat on its face. The supers and typical "new weapons and armor" are the only fundamentally new things added. Everything else is built on (literally the same UI and abilities). They added a couple new enemy types but nothing that really feels different (like a Forerunner or similar). The worlds feel fresh but not very mindblowing and the strikes and raid fall short of being addictive in any sense because of the large amount of exotics given and ease of leveling. On a smaller note, I don't like the new "faction engram" system where getting a full set is nearly impossible.

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Let's be real here.

Everyone on your friends list will have it, or almost all of them. so you'll always have something to do. You'll meet cool new people you like and a few you won't. But you won't care because you'll have a Campaign to finish, Strikes, Raids, PvP, so it's something for everyone. Hell you'll even be able to hang out & just play some soccer now if you want. So you'll probably wind up getting this at some point. And you'll have fun.

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Excited to see what they improved from the last game 🙂

When i played the first game it completely blew my mind to be able to walk on the FREAKIN MOON and i want to see that same nostalgia appear in this but also for them to improve the scale, everything seemed kind of confined and restricted to one area where your guardian allways landed in the exact same area every time... so i want the developers to remove those invisible walls which costrained heavily the adventurous side that destiny showed me when i first loaded in. but i gotta say it was awsome to experience other planets in such a beautiful looking game, like seriously the graphics were great in destiny 1 so i cant wait to be apart of the BETA and see if its the great game i think it is

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Beyond excited

Playing the beta gave me chills. I never played the beta for the first game, but playing the beta for this one after having played Destiny I can say that it was refreshing. It felt like Destiny but gave me a desire to see whats next because for the first time we got to see theese npcs who were the people we are suppose to protect in fear. We had Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde leading us through the battle if even for a second it was more than a voice playing through your ghost or a husk of a character you go to see for missons and loot. That is why I have higher hopes for Destiny 2.

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Same Old Thing

It has great graphics and an incredible but long story But it is really just another one of Bungies tricks to get money out of you. Do not buy its just a $60 dlc. Take this from a day 1 year 1 player. Buy Fortnite or something....

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DLC dressed as a game.

Story wasn't. bad for the little there was, crucible is still cancerous and more trash then the first. leveling and light is a joke, and the only reason to come back is weekly milestones which forces you to come back for more powerful gear. total waste.

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Buggy with minimal content

The game is an improvement over aspects of Destiny 1 but falls short as a Triple A game in most areas. There is suprisingly little content in the game. The story takes at most 10 hours to finish, PvP has been stripped down into game modes you can't even pick yourself and watered down into a COD copycat. The Nightfall modifiers havn't worked properly since launch, the raid is buggy, etc. Definitely not worth your 60 dollars.

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Time trials and poorly designed puzzles

Destiny as a franchise is the perfect example of, what not to do to your fans. They're constantly changing the game style, like annoying phone updates, by nerfing weapons and supers to cater to the PVP crowd. Making the PVE part of the game completely unenjoyable. They ruined gun rolls by solidifying weapon perks for all weapons. You would expect a three character game to be like rock paper scissors, but like always the Titan beats everything, the warlock can hang with everyone, and the hunter has the worst grenades and supers out of all classes. For a game that revolves around "the power of the guardians light" supers should make you a God. They don't, its almost easier to die while your super is active. The original destiny nightfalls were a rush, now theyre just a time trial with objects that focus your attention away from the fight in order to increase your time. There are no more exciting drops, there is no longer a grind, there are no surprises... its just disappointing.

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Good if you like a lot of the same.

I felt the campaign had a lot of potential that ultimately was wasted. That and subersive tactics to artificialy extend time put into the game certainly leave me disappointed /frustrated. If this is your thing that is great but regardless you should wait for the price to go down.

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I love how this has challenged all of us,(Guardians) to a grand adventure of pure grinding to reach the top .. the only downside this game may have is its long wait time .... COOOMEE ONNNNN LETS GOO🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 TRIALS WILL COME AGAIN

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