EA SPORTS™ NHL® 17 Super Deluxe Edition

EA SPORTS™ NHL® 17 Super Deluxe Edition

Electronic Arts
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$59.99 +



Shape Your Legacy in NHL® 17, the biggest and most exciting hockey game to date. Get the EA SPORTS™ NHL® 17 Super Deluxe Edition now and receive 5850 NHL Points in Hockey Ultimate Team to help create your ultimate fantasy team. Whether you compete online in a bid for glory, live out your ultimate hockey fantasy in offline single player modes, or simply lace up and jump over the boards for exciting and innovative hockey gameplay - NHL 17 gives you the chance to Shape Your Legacy on and off the ice. Own Every Zone with more end-to-end control with Authentic Goalies, all-new Net Battles for offensive and defensive zone play, and thrilling new goal celebrations that capture the excitement of scoring the biggest goals on game night. Live out your ultimate hockey fantasy in all-new modes, including Draft Champions, the World Cup of Hockey, or manage the business in Franchise Mode.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer - (2-12)
  • Online co-op
  • Local multiplayer - (4)
  • Local co-op

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This Game Is A Buffalo Turd Wrapped In Puke...

Ok, I'm a big fan of the EA League customizations. However, this game has the worst AI and player control I've seen yet. There will be moments where your player will actively attack the puck and others where he'll just stare at it. Most frustrating is the passing when he'll blatantly pass to the other team or off into no-mans-land for no reason. The AI players are even more frustrating where they will take forever to make decisions on how to play the puck. Biggest pet peve for AI is the amount of times they will score on their own net when they crash the net skating back on defense or making foolish passes near the net. The amount of jaw-dropping nonsensical goals reach epic proportions in this game. One crazy goal every so often, I can understand; that happens but multiple times consistently every game; umm no. This game acts like every game you play is arbitrarily predetermined: 30% skill 70% NHL 17's pick of the moment. If you have issues with high blood pressure, stay away.

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It gets more and more disappointing year after year

Did anyone at EA ever even play hockey? The new customizations arent worth the amount of stress you feel from playing with terrible AI's. There is no system at all, the guys just dump it in on breakaways, and your Dmen literally cant pass and constantly turn into checks. Theyre practically suicidal. EA has become terribly lazy in making their once constant Sports Game of the Year, and now NHL is possibly the worst sports game. Heres to hoping they start making NHL2K again. Maybe EA will put a little effort in then.

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new year same game

Same game since nhl 06, crappy looking crowd, presentations nowhere near real hockey, no group celebrating just two bros hugging it out, you score n 5 seconds later the commentary says SCORE, no off ice anything, eashl play for stats, congrats 1000 points , do you even job bro?...franchise mode is great, the games fun but i've played since 94 n the laziness of EA is ridiculous, they just keep pumping out the copy paste garbage cause why not it sales

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Worst game.

This game gets worse and worse each year.... make NHL 13 backwards comp. plz this game is terrible. Fire the entire crew.

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glitchy... very glitchy

I love hockey and i loved NHL 16, but 17 is full of errors and problems. after your first season fighting breaks and becomes disabled, AI goes from brilliant to shooting at its own goal from game to game, on BAP the coaches feedback glitches randomly and gives all A`s or all C`s regardless of play, also you get docked exp for things like shooting and not scoring or staying late on the back check to deal with a defender. Id recomend renting this one before buying to see if the various glitches affect how you play or not... I know the fight glitch really cramps my style

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Highly unrealistic copy & paste garbage

if the net is wide open your player misses 90% of the time even on a perfect shot, if u win a faceoff & and quickly pass to the point for a shot they fan on it & the puck flips into the air or they just let the puck go past them, players just stand around & dont go for the puck, passing is horrible, AI players play like a high school team, most players dont look anything like real life, allstar goaltenders somehow let in wrist shots from the blue line, fast players are nowhere near as fast as they actually are, players just skate past the puck or push it away even when its well within reach, defenders dont cover their man, the AI doesnt know how to set up plays or get open, most of the time they skate right behind you instead of on their side, the list goes on and on. its clear that ea doesnt know how hockey actually works and olny cares about $$$. i seriouly think they were looking at how high school players play when they made this

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save stress do not buy

its so so bad. its ridiculously slower even at its highest setting. hit stick is now the lightly touch stick and doesnt work half the time. pass accuracy hasnt improved and its even worse when it comes to skating over the puck without taking possession. i had nhl14 and15 those were fun. this game is the exact opposite. save the stress and do not buy this game

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Worse as the year goes on

It seems to be a recurring theme every year that each tuner make the game worsen. EA does, however, do a great job of trying to cram their HUT packs down your throat without fail. Hockey a great game and has always been fun to play in video game form, but NHL17 has frequently left me questioning if I will remain loyal to the EA staple. They need some big plans ahead to make the game feel fresh. I have played this game for years religiously, and each year with the Next Gen installments my heart breaks a little more. PLEASE EA, FIRE Rammer once and for all and breathe new life into what has so much potential to be a GREAT game.

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Good, but obviously EA

Really just 16 repackaged with some small tweaks and more celebrations. Currently a entry-draft bug has stopped me from playing, and there seems to be no fix in sight. Thanks again EA.

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Rent or get a demo before buying

Goaltending needs HELP. Way too many weird goals go in for this to be considered a legit product. Scoring is easy ANYONE can do it with this game. There is nothing simulation about this game if you play online. The AI is borderline autistic at times and will put the puck in his own net. I love hockey but this series needs competition in order to push the dev team to make a better product. It's a fun game but NOT EVEN CLOSE to real hockey

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