Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition

Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition

Bethesda Softworks
$59.99 +
$59.99 +



Get the complete post-nuclear adventure from Bethesda Game Studios and winner of more than 200 ‘Best Of’ awards, including the DICE and BAFTA Game of the Year. Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. includes the critically acclaimed core game and all six official add-ons including Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor, Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop, and Nuka-World. As the sole survivor of Vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland. Welcome home.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Good but...

This is very gripping and is amazingly huge. Story is great, game play is fun, characters are memorable and voice acting is pretty good. I also loved the fact that there is no previous games needed to play in order to understand. It's truly like a new game. I had never played a Fallout game before this. However, with so many ups there are certainly downs, but most come in the form of glitches and bugs. These problems are annoying, but honestly they didn't take away from my experience from playing this game. My greatest advice i could give you for this is save every so often and really REALLY be careful of what MODS you install. Always check their ratings before installing them. If you're like me and enjoy RPG games with good story telling and customization, you'll really enjoy this game. It goes into my list of favorite RPGs now along with Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Witcher, Elder Scrolls and Zelda. Give this game a try and you just might like it too. I took a chance and I'm happy.

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Creation club Forcibly downloading files

This is what I think of creation club and how it will steal your hard drive space. I'm not sure if it does this here on Xbox ( see headline ) but it does this to pc users.

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Used to really love this game but now with creation club i will now be boycotting it i refuse to participate in this shallow cash grabbing practice really sad but corporate greed ruins everything it touches. Bathesda why dont you listen to your fans? when you tried this before we told you this was not something we wanted

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Mediocre At Best (Not a Real Fallout Game)

I came into Fallout 4 with my hopes up. I had fun for the first few hours but after that the game's fun just seemed wear down into nothing. The Fallout franchise was built on the concept of roleplaying and choosing your own story. It was literally in the first two game's titles "FALLOUT: a post-nuclear roleplaying game"Roleplaying is nonexistent in Fallout 4. The first half of the story gives you no significant choice whatsoever. A prime example of this is during the fight Nate ("your" character) has with Kellogg. They force feed you nearly 7 minutes of dialouge explaining his tragic past and they don't even give you a choice in killing him. You don't even decide your character. You only choose between 2: Nate and Nora. You dont decide your characters personality you only choose their looks. The toxic dialogue wheel ruins this game more for me. Each choice is essentially this: "Yes" "No (violence)" "Sarcastic (yes)" and "Maybe (yes)" I would say more but I'm reaching the limit.

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Paid mods are back.

Creation Club needs to go away it did not work on pc and it will not work here also this is paid mods 2.0

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this is just mirco dlc WTF

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After working 26 years in the gaming industry publishing mostly wargames, I have had more gaming goodness with the Fallout series then any other video game franchise! Only the games I have worked on and helped develope/publish have I spent more time playing than my beloved Fallout games. Never a fan of RPG games, I tried Fallout 3 on the PC when released and became a fan. Fallout 4 is better than I could have ever hoped for! Everything in Fallout 4 has been improved, from the wonderful graphics, better ballistics, more crafting, more loot, better missions, to now...even MOD support! Add building settlements, tons of weapon and armor mods, creating your own meds and food, to tons of more loot to find! Even after playing since day one of release, I'm still finding new treasures and cool things to do in Fallout 4. THANKS BETHESDA!

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Would be 4 or 5. However...

It's a buggy mess. Constant freezes and crashes (vanilla, no mods) while playing Survival now have made the $59.99 and hours I've invested into this game a total waste, and I refuse to play this now. I've lost enough hours due to the freezes and crashes I could be through the main quest by now and then some, but I'm right now only about two hours into the main quest. I see an inexcusable lack of quality assurance, thus I will not be recommending this product, especially still at full price which at this point seems like a shakedown.

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creation club

i heard that the update is hard coded into the game and it waste memory on something that you have to buy in order to use it but it still takes up space for no reason. also the creation club is trash because A. most of the money goes to bethesda greedy pig hands B.no one wants this and C.the points you have to buy in order to use the mods comes in unjustified prices. in conclusion they are pigs for doing this and they came out with a horse power armor mod referring to what would've been on of Skyrims dlc and they received backlash from, its worth 600 points and they are basically monetizing off of that shitfest.

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They are trying to take money for free content again

Started to play again after taking some time off and find out that bethesda is trying to make money off of user created content again. Basic things bethesda should have done from the beginning. Time to uninstall to make room for better titles. It's really sad, I used to love the elder scrolls and fallout series even with their problems, but now that the game's company is going the way of other terrible game developers I can't support them anymore.

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