After losing to the enemy high commander Ravus, Gladiolus is forced to swallow a bitter pill and face the limitations of his own strength. In order to travel with the Chosen King, he realizes he must also possess a comparable level of power in order to protect him. In the ancient ruins that were found in the Kingdom of Lucis 30 years ago, the spirits of heroes that once served the king await the next generation of warriors. The episode features: •A new story told from Gladiolus's perspective uncovering the events that transpired when he left the party in FINAL FANTASY XV's main storyline •An exhilarating combat system that capitalizes on Gladiolus's blocking and counterattacking play style through the new "Valor" and "Rage" systems •Special items that can be carried over to the main game—exclusive to those who complete EPISODE GLADIOLUS •Two brand-new gameplay modes: "Score Attack" and "Final Trial," made available upon completing EPISODE GLADIOLUS

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Xbox One

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Solstice Snake

Platform: Xbox

Minor differences

Well, playing this gave the game a breath of fresh air, there were a few parts I felt were lacking in the detail department. Gladio didn't have a stamina bar was kind of a downer, but the shield was a nice stand in. Subtle differences like how Noct scattered while he ran, gave the game a nice sense of "gravity'' to say the least. He felt too loose in the exploration parts, and too tense in the battle aspect. Overall the trials were quite fun, and getting to know about Gladio's and the immortals past were worth completing. I'd say it's worth the 5 bucks, if you expect what you pay for, like I did.

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Platform: Xbox

Gladio, let's go!

This is a short but sweet DLC that shows us where Gladio goes in one of the chapters. It fleshes out a few things that were left a bit unanswered in the main game before the DLC's release. This is to be expected in upcoming DLCs as well. You control Gladio as you go through trials to prove yourself worthy of being the The King's Shield. Cor is with you and you become a team to be reckoned with. The combat here is more hack 'n' slash compared to the warping, magic, techs, and Armiger as Noctis. Things can get pretty tough especially the fight with the boss. Once you beat the game, you have the option of fighting Cor but be better bring your A game all the way. Overall, it's very short (can take about 45 minutes if you skip cutscenes and blaze through the enemies) but satisfying. It's free with the season pass but only cost 5 bucks, so hey....not too bad, right?

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Platform: Xbox

Challenging and fun

So Episode Gladiolus may be an hour, so what? It was fun and different than the overall story. It offers a new change of pace and perspective. Also, if you do decide to get it, I encourage you to choose Normal mode as it gives you a more difficult challenge, the final boss being near dark souls level. But, it all stays fun from beginning to end.

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Agent Seta

Platform: Xbox

Good DLC

Very enjoyable but could definitely have gone without the score attack mode, especially if it meant we could have gotten Episode Gladio sooner. The "bonus mode" is basically going through the DLC over but with a point system and you are timed, not really my cup of tea but to each their own. The main mode of the DLC does offer some insight and the gameplay was very enjoyable for me as well as the final trial mode you unlock when you beat it however.

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Platform: Xbox

Great dlc but not for people who want more time

it is 1 hour but the dlc explains some of what happened when gladio left the group. this dlc is a great start for actual season pass👍👍👍👍

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Platform: Xbox


What i like... I always questioned what Gladdy was doing while he was away from the main group, but due to the DLC we finally found out. personally i thought he went to beat some guy up but nope, I won't spoil it for you though! Really good map a little bit more difficult than the regular game due to potions, when i first went in i was thinking i had all my potions but boy was i wrong! Things i didn't like...The DLC was too quick if but knowing this was an episode, I understand but i was not too happy about the price, but i wasnt super upset. Verdict...If you don't wan't to pay $5 then you shouldn't complain it's worth eavry penny to me, but in all good buy i would recommend to friend's for just a good time playing as the King's Shield!

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Platform: Xbox

Poorly done DLC

I was honestly expecting more out of this, especially after the abyssmal Carnival. It takes the core material and scraps it. Just an hour. SE should have exercised more care this DLC. It's sloppy at best, and poor craftsmanship for the medium.

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A Lost Ginger

Platform: Xbox


If you enjoy just one hour of gameplay, this is for you. I wouldnt even call this dlc. Many side quests in the main game is longer then this. There is only one area to explore and its a linear path and is very short. Very disappointed, wish i never got it.

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Platform: Xbox



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II SnipeFang II

Platform: Xbox

Not worth the time

To short and gives very little backstory of the mission in gladio perspective i beat it in 10 mins

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