FINAL FANTASY XV Digital Premium Edition

FINAL FANTASY XV Digital Premium Edition

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$74.99 +



The FINAL FANTASY XV Digital Premium Edition contains FINAL FANTASY XV, additional bonus content as well as the FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass – which includes original episodes and an all-new gameplay mode that will become available over time following the game's release, all for a special price. Includes: - FINAL FANTASY XV (Main Game) - In-Game Camera Kit - In-Game Platinum Leviathan Recolour - FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass The FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass contains the following content: - Holiday Pack + - Booster Pack + - Episode Gladiolus - Episode Ignis - Episode Prompto - Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades Membership of Xbox Live Gold for the Xbox One is required in order to use the multi-play mode in the Multiplayer Expansion. • ”FFXV Episode Gladiolus,” “FFXV Episode Ignis,” “FFXV Episode Prompto,” and “FFXV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades” will be available for purchase individually. More information to be revealed at a later date. • The “FFXV Holiday Pack (Free Version)” and “FFXV Booster Pack (Free Version)” are extra bonus content available to all customers who have purchased FINAL FANTASY XV. • The “FFXV Holiday Pack +” and “FFXV Booster Pack +” are available exclusively to purchasers of the FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass and contain different items from those included in the free versions. • The “FFXV Holiday Pack +” and “FFXV Booster Pack +” will not be available for purchase individually.

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Player Photography Kit

This lets you take photos manually while on foot! To use it, press the Tactical/Chocobo button (RT by default), press left or right on the D-Pad until you find the "Photos" option, and select it to enter camera mode. You can take photos all around you while standing still, zoom in and out, switch between 1st and 3rd person views, change camera filters, and save or share your photos if you wish.

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Great for beginners

For anyone who is starting out this is a great add-on to have. You will get a 153 attack sword (Ragnarok) for Noctis which deals devastating warp-strikes damage, a 230 defense rod (Dragon Drain), and a 280 attack reel (Avior) that will reduce the line resistance.

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Fantastic game for both first timers and fans

Fantastic game, great and compelling story, a lot of heart and time is put in this game, a large and beautiful world to just ravage in, and the many easy and difficult enemies adds more depth in the combat as well as the new and great combat system, little hard to get the hang of at first, but fantastic none the less, i truly recommend this game for rpg players and adventurers alike

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FF has always delivered when it comes to storytelling. Combat is now free handling. A bit nontraditional but its entertaining. Open world now which is always the best way to go. Plenty of off the main quest distractions like road tripping, fishing, hunting, racing chocobos & exploring. True FF fans will love it regardless. New to FF gamers will be in awe.

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People say that it is underwhelming, but this is just an add on to the actual Booster Pack. Also, THE RAGNAROK IS AWESOME!!! Yes its normal damage is low, but if you hold down the lock-on button and spam warp-strike, you can do 8000+ damage each hit!!!

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Most Enjoyable FF Since VII

This is the most that I have enjoyed a Final Fantasy since 7. I loved both the story and the combat system immensly. The characters skill trees are both fun and easy to use. my only real complaint about the game was the Magic system and the fact that when you cast any spell it triggered all spells to go into cooldown, so that it was impossible for you to create a traditional "Mage" of any sort in FFXV.

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Great Accessory for the Adventure ❤

I did not bother at this kit when I started playing FFXV, but Prompto is so relentless when it comes to picture taking. It grew on me during my walkthrough, to the point that I don't wanna delete the photos anymore and eventually run out of space to save, (150 photos +1 only) because the scenery is breathtaking and some memorable group shots or fighting scenes that is hard and epic really deserves to be stored. I wish there's a way to sort photos as albums and to add more saves (1,000 photos) in game and offline. Overall, a great add-on to an existing excellent main game, and I haven't mentioned the fishing yet, which I spent most of the time that made me forget to finish the story sooner. Can't get enough! 10/10.

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Don't be deceived by damage rating!

I just completed my second game(not new game+). The first item i equipped was the nixperiance charm from the holiday pack. The second item that i equipped was the Ragnarok. I beat the game and killed the lvl 140 Dread Behemoth at level 1. I am warp-striking things to death in chapter 15 with a level 1 party.......enough said. Skol

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Heck ya! the camera kit is brand new

When I preordered this yesterday this wasn't even a thing. and to think its 5 days until it comes out nice touch square enix. I approve. not to mention this actually sounds 10 times cooler then a fishing mini game but who knows it was fun in Zelda: OofT so maybe it wont be terrible heres hoping. 🙂 But imagine the immersion when you add every thing up you travel around in a car whitch takes gas (ya don't beleive me watch the gameplay trailer). also u can set up camp. pick something to eat. And if you preorder you can fish and take pictures. and to think in past games you just used a tent from ur inventory but it was basically a potion. OMG I'm soo hyped so in my opinion, yes the preorder will be worth it.

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LOVING non stop play!! a tad buggy, but beautiful game.

I really enjoy the feature to play after you beat the storyline. I had alot of buggy issues that should have been addressed in alpha phase. Such as item lag, game glitches for example.... I was at the end and it froze I recorded that one. Many times durying crucial points would freeze I lost alot of things because of bugs. That being said , when it works, this game is amzingly beautiful. Love characters the depth, I didnt like how the demo seemed like diffrent game should have gotten to play as young Noct, at least abit . Wish you could set up your own button layout, However Ihavent played a Final fantasy gamethis much since VII.

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