FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition

FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition

$59.99 +
$59.99 +



Carve a path of destruction through an intense, believable battlefield in For Honor. • UNIQUE WARRIORS TO MASTER Choose your warrior amongst a variety of bold Knights, brutal Vikings and deadly Samurai, each with their own weapon set and play style. • MEMORABLE STORY MODE Storm castles and fortresses in massive battles and confront deadly bosses in intense duels to ensure the survival of your people against a mysterious deadly foe. • CONQUER FOES ALONE OR WITH FRIENDS For Honor offers an engaging single-player story mode and thrilling multiplayer. • INNOVATIVE ART OF BATTLE CONTROL SYSTEM Wield the weight of your weapon and feel the power of every strike through this system, putting you in total control. • YOUR WARRIOR, YOUR COLORS Customize each facet of your warrior, including your chest, shoulders, and helmet.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Xbox One X Enhanced
  • Online multiplayer - (1-8)
  • Online co-op
  • 4K Ultra HD

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    Mature 17+

    Blood and Gore

    Intense Violence

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GREAT game,TERRIBLE connection, and broken penalty syst

This game brings something new to the table, as far as gameplay goes. You will either love it or hate it. Now if you are interested, be warned that it now a FACT THAT UBISOFT WILL NOT FIX CONNECTION ISSUES. I guarantee to will have at the least 5 disconnected errors kickingyou out of a match. PEER to PEER connection choice WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE. Finding matches is hard, and there is a chance of host leaving the game, ending the match. Also they treat this game like a free to play game, where you can pay to win. In a $60 game thats just unacceptable. **UPDATE** They added a penalty system for leaving the game. In hindsight it sounds like a good idea. HOWEVER it's too little to late, it might of worked in the early days of this game...MIGHT OF. Remember the connection issue? You could have 2 of your allies lag out, and it will cost you the match. Or you could be put on a team where you are the only human. Those happen often, and its best to leave. BUT GET PENALIZED, TOTAL BS👎👎👎👎👎

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You know what the worst part is?

The worst part is that it's actually a really good game. it's dynamic, engaging, fun and skill based with a ton of depth and potential. The worst part is that it was made by Ubisoft. You'd be pretty hard pressed to find a Ubisoft Game that runs consistently well, and this is certainly no exception. Maybe 2 out of 5 matches I play end in me getting disconnected. The problem isn't that an "Always On" game has bad servers- it's that it has no servers! The game relies on pairing you with other players based on a linked Internet connection, so if one guy in Argentina has his router hooked up to a Yak and it starts to roam off EVERYONE will lag or be kicked out of the game. If this was an awful game it'd be quickly forgotten, lost to the 20 dollar bin at gamestop, but when it DOES work it's a great game! a great game absolutely crippled by a mismanaged, short term goal publisher. This game had a lot of potential, I'm sad to see it fail

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This game would be great if...

I love this game. It's an excellent game... but multiplayer crashes half of the time. Don't bother going to Ubisoft for support. They will give you a regurgitated cut, copy, pasted response. Like it's somehow your fault there game crashes, and you need to change your port settings. The problem lies in Ubisofts player ran matcnes. No matter what, you are relying on the speed of others. Which believe me...more often than not fails epicly. I have wasted so many hours being at the end of a match and then being error booted! It makes me sick. This game should have been released a year later to fix all the bugs. Season pass was a waste of time as well. I still, have to participate in micro transactions to customize, upgrade, and unlock content. When a season pass holder should be given exclusive content and all customizables for free. I shouldnt have to spend $20 more to unlock ONE of the hero effects! I don't care how cool it looks, it's a blatant, almost criminal robbery. Stick em up!

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solid game unforgivable server issues

*update as of season 2 the servers HAVE NOT IMPROVED I dropped out of every game I tried to play wanna fight the new ninja? good luck they game is still almost unplayable DO NOT BUY* its a fighting game, you win or lose based on split second reactions. So its insane that they thought they could get away with garbage servers that drop you from the game as soon as it starts 4/10 times. Then 3/10 times it will be too laggy to play properly. The other 3/10 games are fun. Absolutely pathetic I would not recommend this game to anyone unless they give us real servers.

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Could've been better

I've been playing this game off and on since release and it seems like they've tried to fix the disconnect issue as little as possible. I get kicked from 3/5 matches I manage to get into and if that wasn't bad enough over half the characters are broken. If I'm in a match it seems like other players keep me in a perpetual combo until i lose not even 30 seconds in.

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Broken. Never to be fixed.

It been MONTHS since the release of the beta, yet Ubisoft has failed to fix any of the problems with online play. 9 out of 10 games you play crash. progression is painfully slow due to the fact that 90% of the experience you earn is lost as a result. Ubisoft continues to update it with emotes and animation bug fixes but has done NOTHING to fix the basic funtionality of the game. if you report this to Ubisoft they have you foward the ports in your router. this does nothing so dont waste your time. its just Ubisofts way of pretending its somthing other then their broken game. It boggles my mind that such an online focused game works so terribly online. just another example of how they are more worried about selling something than if it actually works. Last time I get anything made by Ubisuck.

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The gameplay is fun and challenging, forcing you to find a balance between patient timing and agressiveness. It's an absolute blast to play. However, actually playing is up to chance. If you manage to get into a game, you still have to sweat about suddenly being booted from the game, which usually happens about halfway through a match. I would be a much higher level and have better equipment if not for this. It really ruins the whole experience. If you're going to make a game focused on multiplayer, you need to make sure your servers are reliable. Next time I have to download a 4 gigabyte update, I expect to see this fixed.

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It had potential... it really did.

The game on launch wasnt bad, the normal launch bugs were there and ironed out. servers were stable enough. the game required legit skill. nice direction the game was going.... then it happened.... the fanbase complaints occured over petty nonesense (they lacked the needed skills to compete and cried Nerf the none existant OP) The "fixes" happened and the servers broke, DC's are a normal thing, rare to stay in a game. The creators claim they fixed their issues, load of none sense and they add a Ninja and Centurian that are what we would call OP. Sooooo they fixed the game by adding more broken shiz. money grabbing game now. avoid it, its nothing but cancer.

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Servers Unreachable

if you prefer investing $60 on a beautiful wallpaper of 3 heros with an overlay of a gray box that says 'For Honor servers are unreachable' be my guest. its a great game if you can play, however, this hasn't been the only time Ubisoft has shafted us. The Division, Rainbow 6, Watchdogs. Well, i guess every game we have been shafted by these crooks. i digress, great game if you can play you just wont be able to.

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Way To Go

Congratulations (noun) -words expressing praise for an achievement or good wishes on a special occasion.- You guys made your Alpha and Beta a way better game then the main game. Your Beta has a 3.6 the main game has a 2.9. (At the time of this post 4-28-17) You guys need to slow down and put time into your work. I left the game Chivalry to come play this. I was wrong Chivalry I am coming home. Their game didn't drop me every 5 minutes and it didn't have game devs that pander to the few so the whole would be hurt. They might as well scrap all armor status. You guys have 2% rating on Common Sense Media. I will have to wait till you guys make a game better then you're public tests. I pray that everyone that enters this game will able to leave with a least more then 2% of their sanity.

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