THIS IS YOUR HORIZON You’re in charge of the Horizon Festival. Customize everything, hire and fire your friends, and explore Australia in over 350 of the world’s greatest cars. Make your Horizon the ultimate celebration of cars, music, and freedom of the open road. How you get there is up to you. EXPLORE AUSTRALIA, HORIZON’S LARGEST WORLD EVER Drive through the vast desert and rocky canyons of the Outback to lush, wild rainforests, and to the sandy beaches and gleaming skyscrapers of Australia's Gold Coast. CHOOSE FROM OVER 350 OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST CARS Every car is recreated with ForzaVista™ detail including full cockpit views, working lights and wipers, and new vehicle types bringing all-new driving experiences never before seen in Forza. DISCOVER NEW DRIVING GAMEPLAY Danger Sign Jumps, Convoys, and Drift Zones are just some of the exciting new driving challenges that await you. Star in thrilling Showcase events that pit you and your car against a fleet of speed boats, even a giant airship! HIRE AND FIRE FRIENDS You’re the boss. Hire your friends’ Drivatars to help you gain fans and expand your festival, and form Convoys with them to explore the world even when they’re not online. If they’re not winning you fans, fire them! CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING Horizon Blueprint gives you the power to modify every aspect of race events, championships, and Bucket List challenges – and instantly challenge friends to beat you at your own game. Choose your driver character, create custom paint jobs and vanity license plates, add new body kits – even select your own car horn sound. DRIVE TO THE MUSIC YOU LOVE Choose from eight diverse radio stations, or create a custom station from your own music collection with Groove Music. START AN ONLINE DRIVING ADVENTURE Online 4-Player Co-op allows you and your friends to experience the variety, competition, and rewards of a Horizon campaign together for the first time. PLAY THE AUCTION HOUSE Find rare cars and incredible works of art by the most talented creators in the Forza Community. Features may vary between Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of game. Xbox One game disc for use only with Xbox One systems. Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately) required for online multiplayer on Xbox One. Cross-device play only in Xbox Live-supported countries, see Some music features may not be available in some countries. See PHOTOSENSITIVITY SEIZURE WARNING: A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Visit for more information.

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Xbox One

Xbox One




  • Online co-op - 2 to 4 players
  • Online multiplayer - 2 to 12 players
  • Xbox Live

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OS Windows 10
OS Windows 10

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Microsoft Studios

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Racing & flying

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Platform: Xbox

great racer Best racer this gen

wish it was more arcady and there is more customization options similar to the midnight club series such as more rims, different types of paint. coding such as matte etc,, and abiility to drastically change rim size without compromising car stats. just hope next game is more arcadey

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Platform: Xbox



31 out of 61 people found this helpful.



dat otis 05

Platform: Xbox

I bought an x box because of this game!!!!

I would highly recomend this game to anyone who loves cars, it is by far the best racing and car game out there




Platform: PC


I HAVE THE GAME SINCE DAY 1. many issues not worth it. game constantly crashes. i have 52 games on my PC many brand new titles. none of them crash with my hardware except this one. It has crashed 20 million times a day since the day it released. I am a huge fan of Forza and have been since FM1. but this was the worst one yet when it comes to the operation of the game on windows. I have waited a year now for updates and other patchs and this problem only seems to be worsened. now it is to the point i cant play 15 mins with out a crash no matter where my game settings are set at. the issue is that Microsoft insist on running this game like a app instead of a dedicated game mode like others. this was a terrible design flaw and should have been done differently. so out of all the new title games I own and play on PC including battlefield 1 witch is hard on gpu and cpu as well this is the only one that crashes constantly.. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!

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Platform: PC

Love it

Love the game and usually play it without any complications. Today I loaded it up and the intro sounds are working but when I reach to the menu it doesn't have any sound nor when I'm in-game. Real bummer and hope this can be fixed asap.

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Platform: Xbox

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Platform: PC

Stay Away!!! Spend your money elsewhere.

This game is plagued with issues. Had it since it first came out and has not been fixed. Yes my pc meets and exceeds the recommended specs and still runs bad on my pc. All my other games including GTA 5 run flawlessly with maxed out settings. This game just shows the poor effort put in by the developers for the pc version. Input lag also a problem, becomes unplayable with steering wheel as input lag causes over and understeer constantly. Same wheel works flawless with assetto corsa. Be warned Microsoft is butchering the pc gaming community with their crap. They've let pc gamers down before with games for windows live and now they release this POS. Too many issues like input lag, stuttering, crashing to desktop and massive fps dips. After trying soo many fixes and workarounds, I came to conclusion that its just a bad job done by Microsoft and turn 10 to bring this game to pc. Just wish I could've refunded this junk.

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Platform: PC

Best racing game in years...

Best racing game in years...

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Platform: PC

Love it so far

I've only had the game for a few days, but so far it's been great. I'm playing with a gtx 1060 card. With the frame rate unlocked it fluctuates between 60-100 fps. Typically it settles around 80-90. I've had 1 game crash but a simple restart fixed it.

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Platform: PC

Finally plays properly

I love this game, large map to roam and plenty of things to do. plenty of cars to get and modify making every car your own work of art is great. When this game released the performance had MAJOR issues and at times and certain locations would make the game unplayable. I am glad to say that most of these performance issues have been fixed and the game finally runs like it should have from day 1. Now that the game runs smoothly I would love to give it five stars but cant because if you want to own all the DLC which includes new cars to collect, you will spend around $300 and in my opinion that is just outrageous.

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