Be the Defender that Etheria needs  (or deserves) with the Heroic Edition!  This edition contains: - 7,500 Gems to purchase Heroes, Tower Skins, Costumes and more - 5,000,000 Gold for a quick boost in leveling your loot - The Dryad, Lavamancer and Mystic to add to your deck of heroes. - The Guardian of the Molten Citadel legendary costume for the Squire. - Five Campaign Shard Packs to gear up your heroes faster - Five Chaos I Shard Packs and One Chaos II, III, and IV Shard Packs to gear up faster in the Trials - Legendary Katkarot Pet to finally put your power level over 9000.

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Xbox One

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Hammered with crashes

Bought this because I played and loved the first one on PC (2000+hours) so I bought this to help support a game I enjoy. For future players looking to buy this it will be in your mailbox at the private tavern. Enjoy!

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Great Game! Love it!

Only downsides compared to DD1 are that you can't trade, you can't drop items on the ground for others to pick up or to display around your tavern, no public joinable version of your tavern (They have replaced this with a mutual public area called "Town"), different inventory system (I prefer DD1's), still some bugs that cause freezes here and there, and there is no camera mode that allows you to spin the camera around your character so that you could see the front side of it which I miss being able to do in DD1. Everything else is looking great. Still a solid game, just wish they would implement the features/fixes I just mentioned.

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All the items are in the mail box in the tavern

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Check the mail box in the Tavern for your items. 99% of the people claiming they didn't get this or that are mistaken. Admittedly, one of my purchases was subject to a small delay. It did not get applied right away, but I watched a movie to pass the time. When I logged back in 2 hours later, everything had been applied. Every other purchase was immediately applied, but you just need to have a little patience. Add me if you like. Playing DD2's Chaos Trials right now. 🙂

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Best value when compared

When you price everything included separately it comes to like$170, so if you want all the items in this bundle (especially the squire costume, characters, & pet) this saves you a good deal of money. With that said I would wait until the servers are fixed before spending money on the game. So far I spent $120 on this game and haven't been able to get past the title screen for almost two days :( Great game once it works, I played it for a year on ps4.

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items come to mailbox inside game


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have not gotin my purchase of the 100$

have waited for at least a hour or 2 an yes i have been checking the mailbox

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also bought at launch with no luck

bought this at launch to help friends and family. loved the first game and had no problem supporting the company and game but the purchase didnt go through. got it so i could kind of test how to spend gems and money in game for my friends that i know wont pay for it. i know eventually itll come to my account (at least i hope it will) but rather disappointed that a big purchase like that has netted me nothing so far. lots of bugs to be worked out as of now as well. cant go into town without game crashing is a big one. *update* have my stuff now but game still crashes at times. will bump up to 5 stars for the purchase though

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will change to 5 stars when servers fixed

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Worth It

Dungeon Defenders 1 was amazing and DD2 is even better. Also who actually reads reviews? Worth the purchase.

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