Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 2

Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 2

Curve Digital



"Hack, steal and sneak your way around victorian steampunk London in The Swindle, explore space in a quest to rescue 111 scientists caught in the aftermath of the universe's greatest experiment in Nova-111, and throw down your best stunts and tricks to become the ultimate BMX star in Pumped BMX +. This star- studded second volume in the Instant Indie Collection series is the perfect way to explore the very best of indie. Experience over 25 hours of some of the most well-known and loved indie games available. This Pack includes: The Swindle Nova-111 Pumped BMX +

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Xbox One

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Another one of those games tossed from phones to systems, except one stormy evening as I lied awake playing said game I saw the ghastly skeletal face of my decomposing grandmother in the dim reflection of my TV. Needless to say sleep didn't come that night, I uninstalled it, but when I got up hours later it had reinstalled itself. When I went to uninstall it again my hands fused to the controlled causing the most incredible pain imaginable. This game was now forcing me to play it, its been happening for 48 hours now, I've managed to write this review to warn others, RUN, it's far to late for me save yourself! Quick while there is still time! Climb in here!

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I'm gonna be fair!

This is an ok BMX game,but it has lots of flaws that makes it at times difficult to like,from the maintaining speed to the uninspired terrain,it has weak looking graphics and a soundtrack that's nothing but horrible techno music,but even with it's flaws it is somewhat entertaining,the controls and trick system is fantastic,I'm sure if the developers make a sequel,they have to make it so you don't have to keep momentum,make better designed levels that has flow to it (not everyone is perfect to keep up momentum),add an actual music sountrack,increase the graphics,allow you to gain speed faster(I mean c'mon,you hold the A button an you're still moving slow,like a BMX rider wouldn't pedal),if they fix all the flaws with this game it could very well give the Trials series a run for it's money...oh and before i for get,add in a level editor with full online share,that'll be awesome as well,so for me a 3 star is me being fair on this game,i wouldn't buy it as is,but if it's ever free,WOOOOO!

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it is BAD

repetitive, poor control scheme, frustating at times and lacks fun factor.... if you like Trials or tony hawk's pro skater and think youll like this, think again.... lighting money on fire instead of buying this game would be more entertaining. Just sayin'!

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not amazing, just fun

some of the tasks seem a bit difficult at times but if you just pick a level and do whatever you want, its kinda fun.

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Not very fun

Just trying to maintain enough speed to make each jump is more difficult than I ever would have expected. The middle levels made this so tedious that I could barely do any tricks at all, so I moved on to more entertaining games.

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Not fun

Not fun, coming from someone who loves this genre. Weird controls and mechanics. After I got used to it, it still felt like a chore, rather than fun.

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so fricking frustrating you have to keep your speed other wise you don't make it over hills at same time you have to do tricks this game needs to be better if they make it like a bmx style of skate then they got their selves a game but this is just BS or even if it's like trials hd it would be awesome

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It's okay after 10 minutes.

One level is poorly designed to do a barspin >> toothpick >> tobaggon. If they could update this I would give it ✌ stars instead of 👎 .

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Game delivers a legitimately wholesome indie experience. Replayability to the max. Highly entertaining and easy on the wallet. Get it today and brag about it tomorrow ✌

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get good

the reviews i see are from either someone that sucks at it or is frustrated like their playing tetris, think like a bmxer and create realistic lines, record it and challenge friends to match it,and those that complain about graphics or level design, THIS IS FROM IOS ORIGINALLY AND SUPER CHEEP GAME DONT BE A MORON AND BUY A 5 OR $10 GAME, to those who like it keep that creative mind active

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