Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 4

Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 4

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Curve Digital is proud to present the Instant Indie Collection Vol. 4 - A collection of Curve's latest and greatest indie hits: Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, Hue and The Flame in the Flood. Our Instant Indie Collections bring you three indie hits in one neat little package. Dear Esther - Explore a remote and desolate island and uncover its secrets in this powerful story of love, loss, guilt and redemption. Hue - An award-winning puzzle-platformer where you shift the hue of the world, creating rifts when colours collide. The Flame in the Flood - A brutal journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, and evade predators. This pack includes: Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Hue The Flame in the Flood

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A well thought out narrative but would I walk it again?

Playing it for the first time in 2016 and knowing what to expect nonetheless did not take away from one glaring omission - the ability to sprint or jog. The narrative quality is there however the walking pace was hard to swallow. The ability to sprint or jog would have aided a lot in the enjoyment of the game especially having the desire to revisit Dear Esther - just not keen on taking a slow walk the second time.

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Classic Curve Fashion

First things first. Curve games are not meant to be blasted through will be required to stop and think these puzzles through. I've not experienced the bug destro mentioned in this game, or Swapper, or Stealth 1 and 2....basically any Curve game I have ever played has been extremely high quality in both functionality and creativity. This game is challenging enough, and has a great story to accompany the mechanics. Granted I am a big Curve fan and a big puzzle-platformer fan, but I think this is an outstanding game.

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Brilliant color concept

Everything from the naming of game to the puzzles and solutions screams intelligence. A really good idea and well executed. If you like puzzle platformers like bridge, braid, in between then this is definitely for you. Not too difficult but sufficiently challenging, good game length and replay value. For the price, a very good game!

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Not a game for everyone....

Easy Achievements but it will require 2 playthru's. It's a good story, but not being able to run hurts it.

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Just what I wanted/needed

A mystery that hints at larger mysteries without blood, gore or horror. It will not. be a game for everyone, but for those who enjoy allowing their own mind to unravel/create more of a backstory than may exist .... it is worth. For me it is Myst without the puzzles (although I encourage all to examine the diagrams to lead you on the path to Damascus). After completing, listen to director comments to understand why unnecessary gimmicks (like jogging through entire game) are unneeded here an just dumb in general at times. Although short in game play time, encourages me revisit and enjoy again and again. Now if I can my hands on the soundtrack (compliment as I generally mute 99.999%). Bravo and brava to the team behind this gem of a game.

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A Must Play

Beautiful Aesthetic, The soundtrack smoothly alters through levels and sounds brilliant, great level design, nice story. Has a little replayability through collecting hidden vials too. Well worth playing through. ONLY nitpick is a couple of colours are a little too close shade wise. (Purple/pink) (Yellow/Orange)

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One of the first walking sim's

Fantastic story and wonderful graphics make up for the lack of content and gameplay if you are looking for a game with great graphics and a interesting story give Dear Esther a try. I should warn you it's short and it doesn't offer a whole lot in the gameplay department you just walk around and look at stuff lol!!! but its still pretty to look at and the story kept me hooked to the very end.

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amazing but not for everyone

i love this game, with its beautiful art\graphics and its mysterious story its amazing. i love this genre of games, BUT its not for everyone some people call it a walking simulator, so if you dont like games slower paced where you just explore this mysterious world as this man tells his story, this game is probably not for you.

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Beautiful scenery, Not much to do.

The game is very slow moving and nothing ever happens except the voice of a man saying poetic musings as you walk a very linear path. The game takes about an hour to walk through. The only real gain is the screenshots you can get all of which are not worth the $10 you'll pay. 💰👎

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This is not a puzzle game. All you do is walk in a linear fashion, and trigger short narratives for the story.

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