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In Prey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032. You are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted. As you dig into the dark secrets of Talos I and your own past, you must survive using the tools found on the station, your wits, weapons, and mind-bending abilities.

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Xbox One

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Worth every penny. BUT FIX BANANAS

The ability to tackle objectives in any manner is beyond fun. Help or kill everything or be selfish and manipulate. Manage resources and scavange for supplies while building what ever you need to survive. And frankly my favorite is the option of playing as male or female as it allowed me to role-play as Ripley. My one gripe is bananas. We find full bananas and peels but if my character eats a banana, I gain no peel for materials. I am deeply disturbed by the idea that my character eats bananas whole.

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Astonishing and Unique

One of a kind game! The story toys with the idea of unknown life forms in a way that can put plenty of curiosity into the player. I found myself an uncountable amount of times toying with the AI seeing how they react and everytime it would manage to pull me into the intensity of the fight. Prey forces the player to become deeply absorbed into the environment allowing the Typhon to always keep them sharp on their wits. I played through on hard which made some areas very difficult to complete but with the wide possiblity to fulfill tasks that was emphasized I managed to discover various ways to reach goals. All of it was worth it due to the amazing conclusion of the story of my first run. The second felt a bit sudden but it still left questions that could drive people to try a new run with a new style of playing. I preordered this game and I would definitely recommend this game to people wanting a great story and flawless gameplay. This is for sure one of the titles I can happily replay!

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A Solid, Suspenseful Sci-Fi Adventure

Overall, my experience with Prey was mostly enjoyable with its interesting story, great art style, fantastic level design and there are many different ways to face the abundance of enemies. However, there are also some glaring issues in Prey, such as the significant difficulty spike at mid to late game, some minor glitches and a suprising lack of firearms at your disposal. In the end, however, Prey is definitely worth the purchase for the great experience it provides.

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Worth the full price 💰🙂👍

The gameplay I watched before buying Prey looked shakey, but I kept watching and reading reviews because I wanted a reason to buy this game. Once I came across the review from a Youtuber named Worthabuy (who is typically really hard on his reviews) I was instantly set on buying Prey. Sure it has audio ghlitches and the frames drop occasionally, but all in all the level design is amazing and the music with the hardcore setting is the cherry on top. I would recommend this game to puzzle/hardecore game lovers. 9/10 😉

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Dead space Bioshock and Half Life had a baby

Awesome game, a very fun experience with lots of twists,and a deeply choice driven narrative. Half the fun was exploring and solving puzzles. Could use some weapon variety and more complicated hacking, but still plenty fun. I expected a bit more horror,however it's still a worth while addition to my collection! Heres to hoping for more in the series. Absolutely loved it.

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The best game in a while

I think the bioshock in space is fitting. I like the way you can take alternate routes to get your objectives done,and the collectables are always fun to try and get as many as possible.The story is ok too. I especially liked the upgrade system,it was nice to pick the upgrades from many options. DRAWBACKS The only thing i disliked was the climbing it kinda sucked falling a hundred times but we got through it,and kinda long first loads but reloads shorter . Overall far superior to PREY for the 360 a good game worth the money for a change.

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Somehow this game has a 4.1 rating, it should be higher

This game has a great story and a good setting that gives it this unique tone & mood. This game has a little Half Life, a little Bioshock to it. Honestly people wont let go that this isn't the Prey 2 they wanted. People wont let go of the past. All that being said Prey is a 5 star game within its genres. It however is not perfect. The graphics are great but there are low res textures in certain spots. The voice work, music, & most other sounds set an amazing mood, but in cutscenes are all too loud sometimes. Gameplay is fun, engaging, & makes you think. Choices in what you do in the story & how you improve yourself have consequences. How you approach situations and the way you fight enemies changes. There is always a way to sneak around or turn a losing fight into a winning one. The story will make you think, so will the combat. Everyone in the game has a backstory: What were they doing there? Why were they there? What happened to them? Are they all innocent? Find out for yourself! 5/5

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outstanding! System Shock, look out!

I just finished with the demo and all I can say is this may be game of the year material. Although the graphics aren't perhaps at an elite level (they're still quite good), everything else just oozes a level of greatness that very few developers can muster. Great pacing and an interesting story. Fun weapons. Great, intuitive UI. Nonlinear gameplay. If you're looking for something like the original Prey, then you are looking in the wrong place, because this game is different and so much better than that. Think system shock or system shock 2, for reference, two of the greatest games of all time. I'm not sure that it will ever reach that lofty level, but the 3+ hours of gameplay in the demo are some of the most fun hours. I've had in a long time, indicating a game that is most certainly AAA. If you are a fan of system shock, Deus Ex, and/or Dishonored, this is a day one purchase. There are a few minor negatives, but nothing to detract from a great game.

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A Near Perfect Bethesda Game

Prey contains elements of horror, action, and puzzle solving while unfolding into an engaging narrative. Arkane also manages to make the game feel refreshing to play and impossible to put down. This game is a must buy.

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Only a few hours in, but the games a blast.

Preys got pretty amazing gameplay, think like dishonered, bioshock, and half life. This game has amazing interfaces(touchpads etc.), and an enjoyable inventory thats a grid of space that your items take up(yes items stack). Things like weapons take up more space and cant be stacked but yes you can upgrade them, and the arsenal is pretty great so far🎮🎮 The games open ended with nice looking, fun to explore areas, which your gloo gun will help you do so. Yeah, but that gloo gun i mentioned shoots gloo blocks that can be used for a multitude of things like scale walls, and slow enemies. Stealth can be utilized to great effect in this game, use the environment against your enemies, ambush prey from the rafters of the room you just used your gloo gun to reach, fun stuff people! Well if i haven't said, the controls are all pretty top notch and movments fluid. Also i feel like they did a great job with the music as well. I'm only a few hours in but the story has me quite interested.👍👍💰🙂

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