Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Ash Watch_Dogs Set

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Ash Watch_Dogs Set

save $3.49  •  13 hours and 7 minutes remaining
save $3.49  •  13 hours and 7 minutes remaining


The Ash Watch_Dogs set is now available. Make Ash embody a highly skilled hacker with Aiden Pearce's Scarf, Watch_Dogs charm and weapon skin.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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honestly, i find the (DLC) item to be over the top on the price range. Only if you truly enjoy/like watchdogs you can find this piece of content special in design, but there is a small downside. the hat given to you doesn't desplay the details as most customers would have liked it to, but in my opinion you shouldn't get this inless you just want something unique and special on ash's body/head. 1/5

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i got what I bought


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So Cool

Really nice skin&charm but beautiful headgear👍

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This outfit is awesome!

Ubisoft did a great job with WATCH DOGS and they did a great job implementing this outfit and gun camo into R6S.

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I cant recieve it

I bought it. but cant find where it is on r6

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Sweet camo and headgear for one of the best characters in the game

I only got the headgear on weapon skin

Complete waste of 7 dollars


I wish the gun skin was better, like more colorful and vibrant🔥✌

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