The Definitive Edition of the critically acclaimed, award winning open-world action adventure, reworked, rebuilt and re-mastered for Xbox One. All 24 previously available DLC extensions from the Xbox 360 version have been integrated into the game, including the story-extending episode Year of the Snake and the horror-themed Nightmare in North Point. Alongside a wealth of new technological, audio and visual improvements, Hong Kong has never felt so alive. A vibrant, neon city teaming with life, Hong Kong’s exotic locations and busy streets and markets hide one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world: the notorious Triads. Play as Wei Shen – the highly skilled undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside out. You'll have to prove yourself worthy as you fight your way up the organization, taking part in brutal criminal activities without blowing your cover. Destroy your opponents in brutal hand-to-hand combat using an unmatched martial arts system. Dominate Hong Kong’s buzzing streets in thrilling illegal street races and tear it up in explosive firearms action. Sleeping Dogs’ Hong Kong is the ultimate playground. Undercover, the rules are different. FEATURES: With all previously available content included and a wealth of new improvements, Hong Kong has never felt so alive. • A mature, gritty undercover cop drama where a wrong decision can blow your cover at any time. • Explosive action fuelled by a seamless mix of deadly martial arts, intense gunfights and brutal takedowns. • Epic high-speed thrills: Burn up the streets or tear up the sea in a vast array of exotic cars, superbikes and speedboats. • Hong Kong is your ultimate playground: Enter illegal street races, gamble on cock fights, or kick back with some karaoke. There are countless ways to entertain yourself in Hong Kong's diverse districts.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Square Enix LTD

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Platform: Xbox


pleasant surprise. well done story , fun combatdlc is short but fun. controls can be funky and it doesn't. always run smooth, but i had a very good time with it.

5 out of 5 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

A Masterpiece

This game is incredibly good. The fighting is really fun and being a car guy I really enjoyed collecting the cars too. Lots of collectibles and side missions galore. Best game I've played in a long time!

30 out of 35 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Had potential, but clearly not a finished product

There's some pretty irritating things that are inherently buggy about this game. It had the ability to be good, but the devs dropped the ball in polishing. You can, for whatever reason, climb walls, fences, and everything else but you can't simply walk from the water onto a sandy beach? Their "save" feature doesn't work, don't count on using manual saving for anything at all. If it doesn't autosave, it doesn't save. Cars feel good, but motorcycles are insanity. You get thrown off from running over a drink cup but can drive through crowds of people with no problem? There's just too much wrong with the game for me to give it any credit. It's fun to play, but please don't spend money on this. Get a game that's more of a finished product.

34 out of 74 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

It's like GTA 5

I like the game but it's missing multiplayer and it's like grand theft auto 5 plus it's fun to play

31 out of 47 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Game Critical Mission Glitch.

I love the game but so far Ive had one issue that has pretty much ruined the game for me, on a mission titled " MRS Chu's Revenge" Ive gotten to the point where you are tracing a call and when you find the one person that doesnt move in reference to the surrounding antennas you sellect that person (Figure) and it would be over but in my case the person is to far off the map while still in view but the cursor will not reach it so I cannot complete the mission and there for the game neither. If I need to completely restart the game I just wont play it again. Does anyone know a fix?

40 out of 86 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox


Great Game.Worth the buy.Open world with a atmosphere that draws you in. Never a dull moment big thanks to the creator for this experience. Game also gives you a different vibe from gta. Everyone should play this game atleast once in there life.NEED THAT PART 2 THO ASAP. YOU CAN TAKE MY MULAH.

65 out of 81 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox


starts off great but gets really repetitive and the constant searching for weapons and guns later on is a real buzz kill. so irritating... this not even close to the True Crime series

21 out of 58 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox


i love this game and all but i think multiplayer would make it even more fun

7 out of 11 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Recipe for Awesome sauce

A lot of fun, great story, tons of side missions, fun combat system, AND TWO short bonus side stories after the main story! Plus customization through the wardrobe, collection items, cars... This game is a lot of fun. From street races to fight club to karaoke, this game is more than just its story, and is a wonderful addition to your collection.

36 out of 37 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

Hot Damn

This game right here is the bee's knee's. It is definitly on par with GTA if not better than some of them. Story, characters, gameplay, setting its all awesome! Most fun I've had on a game in awhile!

21 out of 23 people found this helpful.



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