Now features the option to view subtitled director's commentary in game. The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition is a wilderness survival game in which a girl and her dog travel on foot and by raft down a procedurally-generated river. Scrounge for resources, craft tools, remedy afflictions, evade the vicious wildlife and, most importantly, stay healthy in a dangerous wilderness. This Complete Edition includes various gameplay enhancements and a Director’s Commentary mode. The Flame in the Flood also features an original soundtrack by acclaimed Alt-Country rocker Chuck Ragan featuring The Camaraderie, The Fearless Kin and other special guests.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Platform: Xbox

Raft Storage at Docks

I paid full price, and don't regret it. Not sure if I'll come back to it or not. It's an interesting and challenging roguelike survival game. It get's a little easier after you realize you can store things on your raft from the beginning while on the dock through the inventory screen, lol. I really enjoyed the art style and music. Just seemed a little repetitive for me, but honestly, that may be me losing interest in games in general.

20 out of 21 people found this helpful.




Great game!

I was actually a backer for this game on Kickstarter, but I ended up also buying it on sale on XBL for $10 so I can play it on the Xbox. I'm really into post-apocalyptic stuff and minimalism, and this hits that sweet spot, since you play a girl alone with only a dog as a companion and meeting only a handful of people along the way. So, there's only a tiny amount of dialog, in text only. It's a challenging game, but not too difficult as long as you approach things logically and put yourself in Scout's place. The art is unique and interesting, the gameplay is pretty flawless, and the music is quite good too. Right now for $10, you can't really go wrong. I'm definitely going to replay it.




Platform: Xbox

Needs to be longer

LOVED the game. My only complaint is it was too short. We need a sequel asap!!

2 out of 2 people found this helpful.



MN trademark

Platform: Xbox

not usually the type of game I play

this is not a game I would usually play but I bought it for my wife. I will have to say that this game is addictive. it's a simple introduction to a survival type game with great art and gameplay. this is my first review ever of a game on Xbox in the 10 years I've been on live and it deserves it.

79 out of 81 people found this helpful.



Coffin Rider

Platform: Xbox


For being basically mute and post apocalyptic, its remarkably moving. Warm, funny, artful, touching, suspensful, scary, sad, and all around beautiful.

65 out of 66 people found this helpful.



Indo Jimbo

Platform: Xbox

Great roguelike survival game!

TFITF is addicting and challenging even on the easiest difficulty. The developers put their heart and souls in this game and it shows. Definitely recommend if you enjoy roguelike games.

82 out of 88 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox


this is an amazing survival game everyone should have it as a back burner game

8 out of 10 people found this helpful.





Indie games like this one I like to call the DIAMONDS!! The dev team rocks! Hopefully we will see a content update or maybe a new game!!

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Suddenly Ham

Platform: Xbox

A rouge-like river adventure

Not much I can say really. If you like rouge style games then check this out.

10 out of 43 people found this helpful.




Polished yet Repetitive

The art and graphics are superb. The music and sound are great. While the gameplay is solid, I often find something missing from games like these: a reason behind it. It is a survival game, but who are you? Why are you pushing forward? And toward what? Without answers to these questions questions, you're left with a fun time waster, rather than an engaging campaign.



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