In war, not everyone is a soldier: This War Of Mine: The Little Ones provides a gritty, dramatic and thought provoking experience of war from the perspective of a group of civilians that are trying to survive the ordeal. Even in war: kids are still kids: New to console comes the added storyline of children. Protect and take care of The Little Ones as they continue to live in the war torn landscape as only children can. Teach, educate and form emotional bonds as you fight to survive in this harsh world and prevail through this unique narrative. Features: • A gritty, realistic and engaging experience inspired by real-life events • Make unforgiving and emotionally repercussive, life-or-death decisions • Craft items such as weaponry, alcohol, beds, stoves, toys & more • Tackle randomized or pre-defined scenarios - or even create your own scenarios and characters! • Experience war through the eyes of a child with the introduction of child survivors

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Platform: Xbox

Absolute masterpiece

Great tutorial to show the basics, but doesnt hold your hand after-extremely challenging, even on easier levels. The game does an excellent job of setting a depressing scene with the art style and graphics. Beautiful environments. It immediately throws you into the action after the tutorial, and you have to make heart-wrenching decisions almost right away. It does an excellent job with the story of the war, and the suffering that goes along with it. With multiple outcomes to any situation, the replayability is fantastic. It has a difficult, but very rewarding resource management system. It is not for people who cry easily! The game does an incredible job of displaying the suffering that people go through in war, the story has no shortage of atrocities that can happen. The music is also a favorite of mine, it has a very melancholy soundtrack that shows the awful side of the conflict. Recommended to any mature fan of survival genre or RPG's. 5 stars, hands down.

22 out of 22 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

One of my Favorites (won't let me rate a 5?)

Well written and composed, this game is one of the best I have played ever. It takes a very real, gritty, dark, and sad aspect of many people's lives and turns it into something educational, challenging, and entertaining. It provides insight to a life many of us have never experienced, a true eye opener. I applaud the development team for taking this leap of faith and becoming successful with it. Many talented and smart people worked hard on this, and it shows. It makes me wonder how their lives were, and if this game could be something of an autobiographical depiction of their struggle(s). I can't say enough about this game... true masterpiece, pure genius. Recommended for any mature adult gamer with a curious mind and of any skill level.

31 out of 35 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

10/10 -ryan

i like that the game forces you to make certain decisions whereas you'd rather not want to or you would only to leave a mental impact on your mind i like the way that the made the art style and the color is just right and really sets that: mid-war tone. all-and-all you should get it, good graphics and its fun.

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Platform: Xbox

Don't miss out on this one. 😢

I didn't think this game had it, I can see what the fuss was all about. I survived 26 days and it was the most heartbreaking last three days I endured...and the day to day journal input at the end 😢😢😢. This game deserves lots of rewards ☀🏆👍💰

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Biggs Bombardo

Platform: Xbox

Captivating but Lacking

Very gritty and depressing game but at same time you will feel joy and hope as you help your small band of survivors make a safe refuge from war. For the price however it is a little too simplistic. There is no voice over nor story other than reading little blurbs your characters sometimes add to their status screen. You cannot have your characters interact with each other unless one is a child which was disappointing. Economy in game doesnt work as it should and there is over reliance on lumber, which you can only carry in tedious small amts. After awhile , you will find little to do with your people and just passing during the day so that you can scavenge at night. I really enjoyed the game but wish it had more interactions , stories, better game economy and things to do with your characters.

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Platform: Xbox

Good, but buggy.

The game is great. Anyways, there is an issue I've noticed where I killed innocent people and I keep going there each night for the loot. Even though they are dead, they become depressed for 'leaving those people with nothing'.

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Platform: Xbox


Love everything in it! Really addictive and you can play hours and hours nonstop with plenty of content. Worth the price!

25 out of 28 people found this helpful.



Father Tyrell

Platform: Xbox

A good time

This game has topped my list of survival games, with great immersion, a well done loot system, and great control over your group.

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Platform: Xbox


(Disclaimer: This is a mature game for mature players) WHY have I never heard of this? Wow! A very different survival game that takes you on an emotional journey as you create your own personal story. It keeps you hooked for hours and hours (I played for 6 straight hours on my first night) with its addictive and FUN gameplay mechanics. Randomly generated elements only add to the fun and re-playability (no two players will have the same experience). Oh, and the choices you make - they truly matter and shape your adventure. This game is McDonald's - I'M LOVIN' IT!

152 out of 161 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox


This is a depressing game to some degree, yet that is what I find so gripping about it. No hope......No joy.......Only The Darkness of your mind to endure.......Every decision you make, feels like it carries weight. This game does not lead you by the hand. It throws you into the fire with virtually no idea as to what to do. Overall though, I am loving it thus far.

344 out of 358 people found this helpful.



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