Tom Clancy's The Division™ Last Stand

Tom Clancy's The Division™ Last Stand

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save $7.49  •  1 hours and 41 minutes remaining


In Expansion III: Last Stand, experience the Dark Zone in a new way, through a new game mode with up to 16 players. Join forces to capture and hold tactical locations. Experience a new Incursion “Stolen Signal”, get new gear, weapons and more!

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Xbox One

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I love the new last stand its a good way for a more simple relaxed way to play the division. It can also be a good way for you to better at playing the game in PVP&PVE last stand is the most fun of all the DLCs but it still needs some help with how exotics in caches tend to glitch out and disappear but the amount of loot and currency is very well balanced after playing 5 matches i earned 23 mill currency so last stand is helpful for loot, challenge, and skill.

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expansions are too small

incursion is awesome but thats it....still no new missions or new enemiy models. need underground dlc updated new horde mode or skyscraper levels like underground dlc. add hunters to hvt list and more enemies or models for current factions. city is very empty too no enemies in most buildings. need more story missions does not need to advance story plot but lexington and russian consulate are old.

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I like it ...but

I bought everything when it first came out, never understood why everyone had a problem with it. Now I do, Last Man won't work, premium credits won't work (spent $75). Commented on facebook, twitter, instagram and even the forums...I have had no replies on all posts. I've done hard resets, uninstall-reinstall and nothing. They need fresh ideas and a MUCH better community manager/support. I get it though, this was a new I.P. but come on, it's been a year since release. How do they still have this many problems?

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Mediocre and Repetitive

This is only a Tom Clancy game by name. Oddly, it's part of what holds it back. It tries to mix RPG elements with a semi-realistic military shooter, but it's simply a pretty game that stops being enjoyable rather early on. Have fun killing the same enemies over and over that are all a ton of bullet sponges. Oh no, a boss- which is just a slightly bigger guy with a machine gun or flamethrower and a bigger health bar. The game is only challenging because you're fighting hordes of enemies that do far more damage to you then you do to them. They don't challenge you or force you to be tactical. Tough baddie drop a high end weapon? Cool. Use it to kill the same enemies you have been fighting for hours. No surprises. Nothing new. Same crap over and over. Multiplayer? Enjoy being stomped on by much higher level players. Even if you can find a group of people what's the point? So you can get slightly better loot to kill the same enemies that you just killed to get the loot? Save your $$.

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Game Stinks

Aside from the fact that the story has no resolution at all, the dark zone is crap. Whole teams gang up on players for their loot and no one cares about being labeled a ''Rogue Agent''. A Dark Zone newbie wil find himself PK'ed every 30 seconds. As for the game itself, it seems irresponsible to host a game on servers that are notorious for crashing, make missions that are nearly impossible to beat, even on a team, and having so many repetitive missions and maps that it makes Dragon Age II look like it's chock-full of variety. And don't even get me started on those whimpy allied NPCs. They can't take more than two hits before keeling. Meanwhile, many enemies can soak up ludicrous amouts of bullets before going down. And a silent protagonist? Really guys? That's the best you can do? All that carnage and combat and........... not a word out of his mouth? That's not a desire for for the player to project him or herself on to the role of the protagonist. That's just sheer laziness.

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Started good, they made it bad

This game was great in the beta and when it first came out, but they changed everything in it as time went on. Over a series of updates and dlc (which was released over too long of a period of time) this game lost everything that appealed to me in the beginning. Reset the game to what it originally was and it will be good again.

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Beating a dead horse...

The game was great when it first came out or when you first get it, but now its very repetative. It doesn't make since to come out with content if it's the same thing but different location it's a bit boring.

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Not that bad

the game is fun, dont pay mind to the negative reviews try it out.

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connection issues and very unbalanced

this has been the worst multiplayer I've played. My sticky bombs would never detonate, guns wouldn't fire, got stuck in reload animations, would be fine and then took massive damage at once, oppoents were not taking damage, deployable agent turrets were not despawning allowing them to still fire, and forced to play your first game with no option to quit. I've given up on Ubisoft multiplayer since it only gets worse and worse.

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its not bad

its fun it keeps me coming back but there are many moments when i hate the game

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